5 Personal Branding Events to Visit This Year!

In a world dominated by businesses competing for every imaginable facet of the world’s attention, nothing is more important to your marketing efforts than the creation and spreading of a brand.

Encompassing who you are, what you do and what you have to offer, your personal brand is your business’ gateway to the world at large, beckoning customers with logos, catchy slogans and product promises that you hope will draw them in for a closer look.

Knowing how important a carefully constructed and well-used personal brand is, consider attending one of these five personal branding events to visit this year in the name of sharpening your branding skills:

1. PRSA 2012 International Conference

PRSA 2012 International Conference

Thousands of public relations professionals are expected to descend on San Francisco this fall in order to attend the PRSA 2012 International Conference, an event filled wall to wall with the best minds in the world when it comes to personal brand building!

Talks and workshops will focus on lending you the tools that you need to brand your business for maximum results, boosting your bottom line and helping you to recognize just how important public relations is to the success of your products and services.

When & Where: California’s City by the Bay, San Francisco, will provide the backdrop for the PRAS 2012 International Conference from October 13-16, 2012, offerings beaches, parks and urban excitement alongside professional development opportunities! Lodging is provided by Marriott Marquis and car hire is via CheapCarRental.net

2. Brand ManageCamp 2012

Brand ManageCamp 2012

The 10th annual installment of the Brand ManageCamp conference is headed to Las Vegas this year, bringing attendees together in order to interact with some of the most successful brands in the world and allow you to gain insight on the potential of your own brand.

The topics to be covered include brand development and strategy, innovation in branding, effective marketing and more, all aiming to help you to leave with a fresh, inspired outlook on the branding possibilities to be found in your business.

When & Where: Visit the bright lights of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada from October 17-18, 2012 to take in Brand ManageCamp 2012. Here’s the official venue information.

3. Employee Engagement and Employer Branding 2012

Employee Engagement and Employer Branding 2012

Every business professional understands the importance of marketing to potential customers, but what about marketing to potential employees? No business can function efficiently and profitably without keen, hard working minds behind it and this simple fact underlines the necessity of making your business attractive to the best and brightest in your niche.

Employee Engagement and Employer Branding 2012 offers its attendees the opportunity to learn more about how to create a competitive advantage when it comes to tracking down talent, ensuring that your business is always on the cutting edge.

When & Where: London, Englands Hilton Canary Wharf hotel will play host to Employee Engagement and Employer Branding event from September 19-20, 2012. Here’s the official venue and accommodation inormation.

4. Personal Branding Maintenence

Personal Branding Maintenence

Building a strong personal brand that will help bring increased profitability to your business begins with having a solid plan in place that covers all aspects of branding, from logos and slogans to mission statements and guarantees. If you’re looking to create a fresh face for your business, consider attending the Personal Branding Maintenance meetup series, each one an event that combines endless networking opportunities with unbeatable branding education.

When & Where: Personal Branding Maintenance meetups are held on the third Monday of each month at Scripps Ranchin San Diego, California.

5. Brand New Conference 2012

Brand New Conference 2012

Hosted by the people behind marketing firm UnderConsideration, the Brand New Conference is a one day event offering eight different sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of branding and marketing. Speakers will be featured from around the world and from a variety of viewpoints, offering you unique insight into what it will take to make your business’ branding more effective.

When & Where: Brand New 2012 will be held in New York City on September 7, 2012. Contact the founders for the official venue information.

Personal branding is hard but it pays in the long run! Which events are you planning to visit this year?


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