Who Wants to Win This Ray Bradbury Mug?

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Ray Bradbury Mug

I don’t know about you, but this is one of my favorite quotes from a writer. While I have to be honest and say that I am not a huge Ray Bradbury fan (not because I don’t like his work, but simply because I haven’t had the chance to read much of it), this line just hits home at times.

When I saw this mug on Etsy, I had a feeling that some of you guys might want to get your hands on it as well. Not only is the design something we can relate to as writers, the mug can also easily become a constant companion. I think I am not wrong in assuming that a cup of coffee or tea is never far from reach, am I?

Lucky for us, the creator of this mug is a writer herself, and she has generously agreed to give it away to a lucky FWJ reader! Well, technically, it won’t be the same mug that Hanna is giving away because she is going to make one especially for this giveaway, but that should not be an issue, should it?

Before we go to the contest guidelines, I suggest visiting Hanna’s Etsy shop, Ophelia’s Gypsy Caravan, where you will find so many more hand-painted mugs. If you’re anything like me, who can’t have enough coffee mugs around the house, then you are in for a treat!

Now how do you join this contest? Here are the steps.

Step 1: Copy & paste the following, and then tweet it:

I want to win the Ray Bradbury mug from @FreelanceWJ and @hannachoward! Enter here: http://spla.us/N5zKKK #contests

Step 2: Leave us a comment on this page to let us know you tweeted, and paste the link to your tweet in your comment. (Note that our comments are moderated, so your comment may not show up immediately after you click the “Post Comment” button.)

The winner will be selected at random from the commenters on or around 10:00 pm EST on Thursday, July 5. The winner will be notified via Twitter, after which we’ll get your details for shipping. Don’t forget to thank @hannachoward if you win!

Important: You can enter the contest once per day between now and the 5th. Also, due to shipping considerations, the winner will have to be based in the United States.


  1. says

    Just tweeted this – how do I post a link to a tweet?

    Fun fact – Ray Bradbury was best friends with Ray Harryhausen, the genius behind stop motion animation (Clash of the Titans, One Million Years BC, etc). A few weeks ago we met up with a mutual friend of Ray’s to watch a preview of a documentary coming out about his career.

  2. Alan says

    Umm…the article says the giveaway ran in June, and we’re just now hearing about it? Something is wrong with this picture…

  3. Cherylyn Morgan says

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