Freelance Writing Jobs for January 10 , 2013

Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer Hello writers, here are the jobs for today.

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Writer (fulltime) (North Hollywood)
  2. Content Writer (Los Angeles, CA)
  4. Sports Writers (Nationwide)
  5. Fluent French Writer Needed For Freelance Copywriting Assignments (El Segundo, CA)

Blogging Jobs

  1. SEO Internship (Midtown)li>
  2. Community Niche Product Blogger Internship

    (Work from home)

  3. Article Writers and Bloggers – Students (Telecommute)
  4. Create Articles & Blogs (Work From Home)


  1. Seeking Outstanding Editor (Ennis MT)
  2. Outstanding Editor (Ennis, MT)
  3. Outstanding Editor (Ennis, MT)

Translation Jobs

  1. French Content Development Internship – Spring 2013 (Midtown)


  1. Jimmy says

    This site is going down hill. It used to be good, but it’s slowly becoming just another weak writing board with ads. Too bad, I kind of enjoyed coming here.

    • Robert Feinberg - Sterling, VA says

      Not only that, but the ads are mostly scams, the work-at-home garbahj, and so-called surveys that are surveying you to see whether you want to sign up for their scams.
      Maybe people are testy because this stuff gets on our nerves every day.
      I tried to comment above but then got a msg that I have to log into Facebook. I hate Facebook. Who decided that Facebook should be ordained as Big Brother?

  2. Gary S says

    How is #3 a content writing job? It’s a writer looking for a producer or director — think many of them are browsing Freelance Writing Jobs?
    This used to be a great site for finding work. No longer.

  3. Amy says

    If my memory is correct, the person whom usually posts jobs here is presently ill. Perhaps when they are better, things will improve.

    Until then, maybe it would be best to send positive energy their way instead of negative.

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