Freelance Writing Jobs for July 8, 2013

Work at homeGood morning, FWJ folks! How did the weekend go? Mine started out pretty great, and while my beach trip turned into a concrete jungle adventure instead, I still had a good time – except for the fact that everything almost went down the drain, thanks to expert pickpockets at the bazaar. That was awful, but what’s done’s done.

Now, it’s back to work, and I’m looking forward to a fulfilling week. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! Here are the first of the freelance writing jobs this week.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Writer for Regular Work (Atlanta)
  2. Freelance Writers for Educational Publishing (Remote)
  3. Part-time Freelance Web Content Writer
  4. Experienced Dental Writer (Remote)
  5. Content Writer (Anywhere)
  6. Article Writer – Social Media (Miami)
  7. Social Media Content Creator – Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Online)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Blog Contributor
  2. Creative Tech Blogger

Because freelance writers do know about hygiene, yes? THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SHOWER

Copywriting Jobs

  1. Copywriter – Create Memorable Tag Line (West LA)
  2. Copywriter – URGENT (Montreal/Telecommute)
  3. Copywriter – Online Dating Profiles (Anywhere)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Grant Writer -ASAP (DMV)
  2. Business Plan Writer (Brea)
  3. Business Plan Writer – Courier Company
  4. Business Plan Writer
  5. Grant Writer for an Event (LA or Remote)

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Writer
  2. Resume Writer (Edgewood, WA)

Have a laugh as you start your day: THAT WHOLE ‘HOW TO WRITE GOOD’ THING

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Spanish/English Freelance Writer (NA)
  2. Social Media Consultant
  3. App Review Writer (Toronto)
  4. Business Law Ghostwriter (USA)
  5. Translators – Various Languages (Virtual)
  6. Creative Writer/Designer for Educational Game (SF/Telecommute)
  7. Music Bio Writer (NY)
  8. Ghostwriter – Various Tasks (Brooklyn)
  9. Writers for Short Gigs (Brooklyn/NYC)
  10. Ghostwriter for Psycho Thriller Feature (LA)
  11. Wikipedia Writer (West Hollywood)
  12. Children’s Story Writer
  13. Reality Show Writer (LA)
  14. Press Release Writer (LA)

Magazine Writing Gigs

  1. Writers for Music Magazine (London, UK)

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