The Distribution of English Letters in Words [Infographic]

This one’s for you word nerds. I ran across an infographic which shows the distribution of English letters in words, that is, how often the letters are used in the beginning, middle, and end of words.

While that may be something we don’t “worry” about on a regular basis, when I saw the title, I did start thinking about it. As you can imagine, I spent quite a bit of time looking at each letter in the infographic and thinking words containing them. I think you might find yourself doing the same thing…

distribution of english letters

You might be wondering how on earth the researcher came to this conclusion. Data analysis lies at the core, and if you really want to know the process, you can read the crucial points at

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  1. says

    Hi Noemi, this is really interesting, I’d be interested to see a comparison between other languages. Just to see how they compare.

    • Noemi Tasarra-Twigg says

      Yes, that would be interesting. If I find something along those lines, I’ll certainly share it. Thanks for dropping by!

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