Freelance Writing Jobs for July 17, 2014

Freelance Writing JobsGood morning, everyone.

Here are your freelance writing jobs.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Content Writing Jobs

  1. Boat Content Writers (Anywhere)
  2. Content Writer – Medical Tourism
  3. Kitchen and Home Fitness Equipment Writers
  4. Freelance Article Writers (Online)

Blogging Jobs

  1. Blogger in Social Media and Web Development
  2. Blogger for Duffy’s Rehab Center (Napa County)

Proofreading/Editing Jobs

  1. Freelance Copy Editor for 3 Days (Boston)
  2. Editor/Proofreader (NY/NJ)
  3. Editor for Business Blog (Remote)

Journalism Jobs

  1. Music/Entertainment Journalist (LA)
  2. Freelance Entertainment Writer for Global News Site
  3. Freelance Reporting Job – Marketing (San Diego)

Plan/Proposal/Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Fundraiser/Grant Writer (LA)
  2. Query Letter Writer

Technical Writing Jobs

  1. Contract Technical Writer (Seattle)

Resume Writing Jobs

  1. Resume Writer
  2. Resume/LinkedIn Writer (SF)

General/Misc. Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Paleo Cookbook Writer
  2. Freelance Writer (Westport, CT)
  3. Freelance Food Critic (Houston)
  4. Social Media Genius
  5. Americana/Country Music Writers/Editor (Online)
  6. Press Release Writer (SF Bay Area)

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