From the Writer’s Perspective: How to Get In on the SEO Scene


Freelance writing has lately been turning into writing to improve a company’s SEO. Although this may not be your specialty or your ultimate goal as a writer, it’s a good way to make ends meet in the meantime, and it’s where you’ll find a lot of freelancing gigs. This means that understanding and breaking into […]

6 Online Tools to Improve Your Visibility as a Writer


Life as a writer can be unpredictable: audiences are fickle; the hours can be long, and projects demanding. Yet, those are some of the main reasons why we write. If you’re passionate about your craft, chances are you’ve worked hard to get your name out there. However, with the high volume of online content going […]

How to Create Great Content for Products


When it comes to freelance writing, you have to be able to write about anything and everything to really keep yourself afloat when you first get started. Creating content for B2B blogs, which typically means writing to entertain and educate, is probably the most in-demand skill; however creating content for companies that sell specific products […]

A Friendly Reminder: Authorship Markup Is an Absolute Necessity for Freelancers


Many freelance writers don’t have to know anything about coding or even anything about SEO, but authorship is an exception. It’s important for every freelancer to understand how authorship works because it is becoming so important in the world of Google. Companies are using authorship for the posts that their authors write, so the standalone-freelancer […]

Best Cities for Telecommuters in 2013


With the growing popularity and use of the Internet, more and more people are sitting at their desks thinking: I could do this from home. Fortunately, company owners are also starting to realize the fact that many jobs can now be done at home through the Internet. This is especially true for writing gigs. This […]

For the SEO Writers: How to Successfully Optimize Your EBook for the Web


Creating an EBook is becoming more and more popular amongst small businesses—and for good reason. According to researchers, EBook sales grew 177 percent last year. This number is only expected to rise and our technology continues to improve, and even some of the old hardcopy book-lovers are realizing that’s it incredibly easy to have an […]

Unique Ways to Get Your Resume Online AND Seen By Employers


Getting your resume online is becoming crucial for young grads or those looking to find a job. As our Presidential candidates have continued to remind us over…and over…and over again these last few months—the job market isn’t easy. Students do not want to have to move back with their parents and struggle to find a […]

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for the At Home Writers


One of the most difficult aspects of making money from home is the “from home” part. Although this is appealing to most, writers quickly learn that working from home is no easy task. There are many tips available to help a writer stay focused, but the biggest distraction usually isn’t the food in the kitchen […]