From the Writer’s Perspective: How to Get In on the SEO Scene

Freelance writing has lately been turning into writing to improve a company’s SEO. Although this may not be your specialty or your ultimate goal as a writer, it’s a good way to make ends meet in the meantime, and it’s where you’ll find a lot of freelancing gigs. This means that understanding and breaking into the SEO industry might help you land these types of jobs. Although SEO is a fairly new concept when it comes to writing content, it’s something that many writers today are having to scramble to understand; especially if they were trained in other areas. Writers [Read more…]

6 Online Tools to Improve Your Visibility as a Writer

Life as a writer can be unpredictable: audiences are fickle; the hours can be long, and projects demanding. Yet, those are some of the main reasons why we write. If you’re passionate about your craft, chances are you’ve worked hard to get your name out there. However, with the high volume of online content going live every day, it can be difficult for your content to stand out. For a frame of reference, more than 150,000,000 blogs are on the Internet and people produce about 42.6 million new posts each month. Becoming a prolific writer in a particular niche is [Read more…]

Tips for Repurposing Your Content and Following the Rules

Writers know that sometimes you write a piece of content for one website and it just doesn’t get published. Even if you spoke with an editor and made sure you were writing the perfect piece for that website, you can still wind up with that content in the end because something went wrong along the way. A few reasons this might happen include: The editor revised it and revised it and just decided it wouldn’t work. The blog did publish your content, but when you went back to check a few months (or even a few years) later the site [Read more…]

How to Create Great Content for Products

When it comes to freelance writing, you have to be able to write about anything and everything to really keep yourself afloat when you first get started. Creating content for B2B blogs, which typically means writing to entertain and educate, is probably the most in-demand skill; however creating content for companies that sell specific products isn’t far behind. This isn’t typically seen as the most popular type of writing for a writer, but it’s certainly a skill that can’t be found in just any writer.

A Friendly Reminder: Authorship Markup Is an Absolute Necessity for Freelancers

Many freelance writers don’t have to know anything about coding or even anything about SEO, but authorship is an exception. It’s important for every freelancer to understand how authorship works because it is becoming so important in the world of Google. Companies are using authorship for the posts that their authors write, so the standalone-freelancer can’t be left behind. Soon authorship is going to become a part of the job of a freelance writer, so the sooner you get started the better.

Best Cities for Telecommuters in 2013

With the growing popularity and use of the Internet, more and more people are sitting at their desks thinking: I could do this from home. Fortunately, company owners are also starting to realize the fact that many jobs can now be done at home through the Internet. This is especially true for writing gigs. This is known as telecommuting, and for those who have landing a telecommuting job, home can really be anywhere in the world.

For the SEO Writers: How to Successfully Optimize Your EBook for the Web

Creating an EBook is becoming more and more popular amongst small businesses—and for good reason. According to researchers, EBook sales grew 177 percent last year. This number is only expected to rise and our technology continues to improve, and even some of the old hardcopy book-lovers are realizing that’s it incredibly easy to have an electronic library where you can store and even checkout new reads from a library.

Unique Ways to Get Your Resume Online AND Seen By Employers

Getting your resume online is becoming crucial for young grads or those looking to find a job. As our Presidential candidates have continued to remind us over…and over…and over again these last few months—the job market isn’t easy. Students do not want to have to move back with their parents and struggle to find a job just after school. And to that I say: No kidding! As a 2011 graduate myself, I know that the job market isn’t easy, but I realized quickly that getting your resume online was key. You need to give yourself every opportunity to get your [Read more…]

Blog Writers vs. Print Writers: Are The Jobs Interchangeable?

Switching professions is never easy, but people do it all the time. People often decide to take a different path because they don’t love what they are doing or because there is more opportunity in a different field. So it should be easy to change from writing for print newspapers and magazines to writing on the Internet, right? After all, these fields are at least related and very similar. In most cases, the answer is yes—a writer is a writer and although some modifications need to be made, it’s possible to make the switch. Many writers contemplate this question because [Read more…]

Top 5 Chrome Extensions for the At Home Writers

One of the most difficult aspects of making money from home is the “from home” part. Although this is appealing to most, writers quickly learn that working from home is no easy task. There are many tips available to help a writer stay focused, but the biggest distraction usually isn’t the food in the kitchen or the soap opera that comes on at noon. The biggest distraction is, of course, the computer. The particularly tricky part of this truth is the idea that writers have to work on the computer. In other words, writers need to somehow figure out a [Read more…]

You Know How to Write Great Content: Should You Start Your Own Blog?
start now

Yes. Well the answer is a bit more complicated, but in the majority of situations a writer has the tools needed to start a blog. As a freelance writer who was continually reading guest blogging guidelines and talking with editors about offering a submission, I couldn’t help but think: I could do this. The most important aspect of a website is quality content (hence why we all have jobs), and no one can write quality content better than a trained writer. There are many different reasons that a writer could benefit from owning his/her own blog or website:

Does a Freelance Writer Have to Understand SEO?

It seems as though the new search engine optimization (SEO) aspect to freelance writing is two-fold: The whole concept of SEO has created many more jobs for writers, yet it has created a lot of new and different work for a writer that doesn’t always seem to fall under the “writing” category. For the latter reason, many freelance writers are not overly interested in learning SEO and would rather continue being an “old fashioned” freelance writer. After all, SEO can get complicated for someone new to the field. Although SEO is a thrill for some writers, many writers cannot help [Read more…]

Has Technical Writing Stifled Your Creative Side?

It is no secret that technical writing jobs pay well. Many freelance writers slowly slip into the technical writing sphere and get stuck. The jobs are plenty and the pay is good, and as a writer this stability is appealing. Other freelance jobs that seem to pay well are those connected with a specific company. For example, I used to write for a credit card website, so naturally my writing was centered on credit card tips and advice. There used to be a time when I would try and play around with my sentence structures and get fancy with metaphors, [Read more…]

Is Your Typing Speed as Fast and as Accurate as Most Freelance Writers?

The idea of paying for typing classes is almost laughable to many freelance writers. If you’re a freelance writer, you know how to type! The more you practice, the faster your typing speed will get. Freelance writers should spend their time writing, not typing nonsense to increase speed. Your work gets done and you feel like you are typing at a fine pace. There has probably never been a time when you got frustrated and thought to yourself, “this would have been done two minutes ago if I were typing faster.” It just doesn’t happen. You get paid because of [Read more…]

How to Use the Google+ Contributor List

The world of freelance writing has no doubt shifted to the Internet. Although some freelance gigs may want to keep your writing anonymous, most put your writing on a website for the world to see. This works great because it gives you a nice portfolio of writing to send to future writing gigs you hope to land. You can tell a potential editor to check out the article you wrote on a particular website, and you can even link right back to that article in your email pitch.

5 Tricks to Filling Your Inbox with Answers

One of the most time consuming parts of a freelance writing job is the emailing. I do freelance writing on the weekends, and I find that the constant emailing back and forth sometimes takes me almost as long as writing the actual article. The emailing back and forth isn’t even the most strenuous part—it is the emails that get ignored that really kill me. When an email gets ignored I have to email the editor again for a follow-up, then check to see if the message ever sent, then again for another follow up, and then I take a month [Read more…]

5 Ways to Grab That Freelancing Job With LinkedIn

In a tough economy with so many people out of work, finding a job can be a mind numbing process, and finding a freelance writing job is no different. The problem, though, does not lay in the job finding part; any website you browse will list hundreds of open positions. These common websites are flooded daily with over-qualified applicants that are hired before you even click the posting. Because of this, you may need to consider finding an alternative way to job search and in this job market. The key: networking. If you are or want to be a freelance [Read more…]

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