How to Create Powerful Marketing Strategy for Your Online Business


The online world has become truly active especially these days when people no longer just go online to check their emails, surf, or watch videos. In fact, more and more people these days are also looking into starting their own online business because not only is this kind of venture hassle-free, it is also known for generating huge income you can ever imagine. However, just diving into the water wouldn’t make your online business a success. What you need is a powerful marketing strategy for you online business to make sure that it generates full proof income and success. The [Read more…]

I’m a Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter

One of the biggest struggles I have in terms of my writing career is helping people to understand exactly what I do for a living. When I was a kid, I had dreams of becoming a “writer” – dreams I put on the shelf the moment I realized I didn’t have a fictionally creative bone in my body. I didn’t realize I could really write until a few years ago. A friend had casually introduced me to one of the web’s many user generated content sites and I started submitting articles for a few dollars here and there. After that, [Read more…]

How Do You Handle Unresponsive Clients?


Recently Carson Brackney wrote this wonderful article about getting more work from existing clients. The advice he gives is excellent, and I have followed most of it unconsciously for some time, but it got me thinking about what happens on the opposite end of the spectrum when we must deal with an unresponsive client. This has been on my mind recently because I have been worrying about a client who suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. Fortunately, he went incommunicado shortly after he paid the balance he owed me on our latest project, so I’m not concerned about [Read more…]

The Importance of Ditching Your Schedule


Being a freelancer means that you make your own schedule. It’s important to make and maintain one, but you’re not taking advantage of your situation if you don’t take a day or two just to relax and loosen up that tie a bit. After all, isn’t that the reason you became a freelancer to begin with? The other day was a bit rough. Between deadlines, client meetings, and a 7-month-old baby who didn’t let me sleep the night before, I was exhausted. According to my usual routine, the following day is about focusing on two of my clients specifically. But [Read more…]

The Importance of the Shower


I started my new career as a full-time freelance writer on October 3, 2009, and I hit the ground running. I was off on a business trip to do some work, and would be gone for a few days. Upon my return, I started settling in to my new gig, working in my home office and getting things done. In very short order, I hit a snag, one I never figured would come up. I’ve been taking a shower on a regular basis since I was in middle school. Cleanliness is important to me, although admittedly, there are weekends where [Read more…]

The Power of Free: Why It’s not All About Paid Gigs

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Focusing on only direct sources of income is the hugest (yet the wide-spread) mistake many freelancers make. It is quite understandable though: you get so much used to hunting for paid opportunities that you can hardly ever find time or enthusiasm to do anything else – especially something that you won’t see any immediate result from. So let me share my own experience: it is your non-paid hard work that will allow you to grow personally and professionally and consequently grow your income exponentially. I’d been freelancing for about 2 years before I was offered the full-time position at BlueGlass [Read more…]

Beware for Writing and Journalism Work

Briefly, draws people in when the organization starts up in your “hometown” or City. THe Ad promises writing jobs, when the editor calls you for an interview, the writing position turns out to be an all in one Directory Listings position. You have to go to businesses where people do not want you to include their business in the Directory, are required to take 10 photos of the inside and outside of the business and then, when their crunch is over, they hire a whole new set of writers for the editorial side. I got stuck writing a column [Read more…]

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