6 Tips to Improve Eyesight for Freelance Writers

Writing for a living means, by necessity, keeping your eyes constantly glued on your monitor, laptop or tablet for many hours each day. Given the implied risks of having strained eyes, taking the time to treat them nicely can only help you to avoid nasty side effects of eye strain, which is very important for us writers and bloggers.

How to Pitch Your TV Show

How to pitch your TV show

  Everyone has a big idea for a TV show, but only a few of the hundreds of pitches network executives hear will ever make it onto the small screen. In such a competitive market, how do you make your concept stand out from the crowd, and how do you get it in front of the people who can give you a green light? Follow the steps below, and you have a shot at standing out from the crowd. Come up with an original idea – Networks have heard the same stories again and again, so make sure you are [Read more…]

Busy Crossroads: Transitioning to Full-Time Freelancing

Career word on stair up to open door

For professionals who’ve worked in the same industry for years, a change may be in order. Do you identify with any of the following? A lack of purpose and passion Working a dead-end job No one is investing in you Insufficient compensation If you’re feeling any or all of these symptoms, you may be ripe for a change. The launching pad for this monumental shift? A bit of wisdom from Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Whether you’ve freelanced as a side-gig or are just jumping into the [Read more…]

Building Your Freelance Portfolio with WordPress: Essential Plugin Pack

wp plugin

There are many reasons why many freelancers choose WordPress for building their portfolio of websites: It’s easy, reliable and flexible (thanks, of course, to plugins). Okay, maybe you will occasionally be told that Tumblr or Blogger is the better choice especially for those looking for a more casual blogging experience. But for the professionals, WordPress always comes out on top — and for good reason, considering the number of features, tools and free plugins you can access to customize and monetize your content.

Should Writers Engage in Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging

I’m a writer, not a marketer. I’ve heard/read that phrase often enough. I’ve even said it myself many times. Writers, they say, have a unique personality in that they want to focus more on getting that jumble of words and ideas in their heads and putting them together in a coherent piece of writing. Whether people read the piece and like it or not is a different matter altogether. Then guest blogging/guest writing comes into the picture. The practice has become so popular for many reasons, not the least of which is to market your own content and bolster your [Read more…]

Ready, Write, Clips!


A former student of mine graduated with a degree in theater and set off to Hollywood to make her way in her chosen world. She soon learned an interesting twist about the requirements of Hollywood: in order to land a part you need a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card. But in order to have the coveted SAG card, you must have acted in a legitimate production. So in the logic of the glittery world of movies, you can’t get a card until you’ve had a role, and you can’t get a role without having a card first. It’s a vicious [Read more…]

A Beginner’s Beginning: How I Got Into Freelance Writing

You’re just starting your journey into the world of freelance writing. Maybe you are looking to make it a career, or maybe you are looking to make a little Target, I mean, grocery money while you stay at home with the kids. Either way, that first step can be intimidating. Where do you start looking? How do you approach potential clients? How much time should you spend writing each day? And the questions go on and on. As you become more and more confident in calling yourself a freelance writer, you will find your own answers to these questions – [Read more…]

Tax Tips: Understanding Form 1099-MISC

Form 1099

You have this freelance writing thing down cold.  Your writing sparkles with informative content that educates and entertains audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Editors are calling on the hour with request for more work at whatever rate you name.  You finally ditch that boring nine to five job and now spend your days with your laptop in that trendy coffee shop where all the cool people hang out. Wait, that is not what is happening to you?  Me neither.  However, we are working, and getting paid, so it’s not all that bad. Speaking of getting paid, you will have [Read more…]

eBooks in PDF Format: A Quick & Easy Way to Sell Your Writing

When we think about eBooks, we generally think Kindle, Nook or iPad formatting, which have their own specifications about how the pages and images are laid out. Converting a standard Word document into one of these formats requires properly formatting your Word document first or using a service that handles the formatting and conversion for you. What is often overlooked by writers is the fact that all of these e-readers can also read files saved in pdf format. There is a formatting option that is as simple as clicking on the “Save As” or the “Export To” function in your [Read more…]

Three Reasons Why Companies Hire Freelancers

A recent study conducted by the freelancers’ resource site Elance.com showed a very encouraging trend for the world’s freelancers. According to the survey, which was conducted last September 2012, 57 percent of the 3,000 independent contractors who participated in the study reported an increase in their income, with 67 percent sharing that they expect their income to increase some more in 2013.

Patience and the Long-Distance Blogger

Blogging offers writers great rewards. We get to share our words with others. We educate and entertain. If we’re really lucky, our blogs generate income or interest from book agents. To do any of this, however, you need readers, and in the early days of any blog, readers are hard to come by.

5 Seminars to Visit if You Plan to Take Your Freelancing Career to the Next Level

Freelancing in any niche is a tough task, requiring you to play the roles of boss, employee, client hunter, marketer, and motivator each and every day, a workload much more demanding than many more traditional jobs! Being successful and moving upwards may be tough, but it’s entirely possible; you’ll just need to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new, exciting, and useful in your field. Planning to take your freelancing career to the next level? Check out any of these five freelancing seminars to sharpen your mind and build your contact list:

What’s Your Stand on File Sharing Platforms?

online file sharing

File sharing has been around ever since digital files existed. From sharing files using floppy disks to using online platforms – these are all forms of file sharing. With the advances in technology, however, file sharing has become such a widespread activity. There is the common misconception that file sharing – and thus the platforms allowing them – is automatically related to shady activities. While this idea may be justified, there are actually a lot of legitimate uses for file sharing platforms: sharing copies of your ebook, sharing photos of your vacation, and so on. When it comes to file [Read more…]

What Does it Take to be a Freelance Writer?

I’ve been a (more than) full-time writer for ten years.  It takes talent, ambition and the ability to manage your time and money to be successful. Contrary to popular belief, you can be a successful freelance writer without starting your own business. However, if you have a habit of slacking or procrastinating, this probably isn’t the path for you. My typical day includes writing for up to ten clients at a time. This includes everything from SEO-rich web content to brochures for international hotel chains. I scour job boards for new openings and apply daily, even if I have a [Read more…]

Use Your Writer’s Website to Receive Steady Freelance Jobs

If you’re like most writers, you enjoy the part of your job that entails putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). You’re probably, however, somewhat less fond of marketing. Many of us squirm at the idea of cold calling or attending networking events. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong professional website. Once it is up and running, it can bring you a steady stream of referrals with little or no further effort you your part. These are features that will help your website attract customers

Talk Your Way to a Job

The popularity of social media in today’s job market has made everybody believe they can talk their way to a job. It gives them an excuse to visit their favorite social media site and say they are doing it as a part of their job search. While freelancers and job seekers can find jobs on social media sites, it needs to be handled carefully to be successful. When looking for freelance writing gigs, it is important to let people know you are open to receiving new clients. One of the benefits of social media is the people you are associated [Read more…]

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Picking the Best Freelance Job

I usually have about seven projects at a time, and they’re not all created equal. As a successful freelance writer, I’ve been on the wrong end of a bad job. However, there are some warning signs that are easy to miss. If a job posting requires numerous, generic forms, you’ll be drowning in paperwork and red tape for the entire project. Trust your gut during a phone interview. If the client doesn’t know what they want, they’re not going to be happy with anything you produce. The most lucrative jobs are from either well-established corporations or start-ups with solid investors. [Read more…]

Freelancer Issues That Get Me Down – Sometimes

Freelance Writer

I like to think of myself more of an optimist than a pessimist. I could be wrong, but I think that’s a trait that could influence the success of a freelance writer. After all, you need a certain degree of positivism to take that leap – leave your regular day job pay and strike out on your own. There are times, however, when all this freelancing business gets to me. I know I should not complain. This is, after all, what I had been aspiring for while I was still a corporate drone. This was – and is – my [Read more…]

How to Prepare for a New Year – Freelance Style


A day before New Year’s Eve, I find myself getting some work done. I know it’s supposed to be a break, but there are some things I need to finish and some things I need to prepare for. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more than a couple of you who are in the same boat. And while I do believe that change does not have to happen only when a new year comes in, it does have a nice symbolic ring to it. So, as I sit here going through a partially mental, partially written out list, I [Read more…]

Follow These Freelancers and Enterpreneurs on Quora

A couple of days ago I was chatting with some friends over drinks, and the topic turned to social media. Given the status of about half of us as geeks, this was an in depth discussion that lasted for quite some time. Accompanied by plenty of eye rolling from the other half of our group with little interest in social media outside of playing Farmville. When we talk about the web and technology related fields, those in the group as obsessed as I am will usually agree on the good, the bad and the undecided. But what shocked me was [Read more…]

Business Solutions for Freelancers: Get the Most Out of Each Purchase


Business purchases are expensive, especially for startups and small business owners without deep pockets. Rather than trying to have it all, look for ways to reduce what you have to buy without actually losing any functionality. It is all about getting more bang for your buck when you are dealing with running a business on a shoestring budget. Start by Introducing the Sharing Mentality Via Flickr by BlockSim This is not kindergarten again, but one effective way of reducing IT and technology costs are simply to not buy as many. Communal computers are often just as effective, especially on split [Read more…]

International Mom Freelance Bloggers Meetups

As a mother and blogger, you’ve got a full plate, juggling more in the way of demands than any corporate position entails as you work to please your children and your readers, all at the same time. Given the extreme importance of your dual positions, whether you blog for fun or for business, you’ve got to stay sharp at every moment. Luckily, conferences aimed at moms with home offices are abundant, offering workshops and networking opportunities that will help you to hone your skills in every department as you learn from the busiest and best of your peers! Connect with [Read more…]

How Do You Make Ends Meet on a Bad Month?

saving spending

Being a freelancer has lots of perks, but just like anything else, it also has its downsides. I could be wrong, but I think that being able to handle one’s finances smartly is a major concern of every freelance writer. Not only do you have to make sure that you land enough gigs to cover your living expenses every month, you also have to make sure that you are able to manage your income and not spend more than you earn. For individuals who are new to freelance writing, and who may have worked for a regular salary prior to [Read more…]

The Most Sought After Travel Writing Gigs

Travel Writer

What is the best writing gig in the world? We’ll all have different responses to that question, I am pretty sure, but the first thing that comes to mind is this: “Anything related to travel!” I know, everyone says that they love to travel. It’s the in thing today. But not everyone gets the chance to actually pack their bags and see the world, or at least part of it. The good news for writers who really have been bitten by the travel bug is that there are a lot of travel writing opportunities. Sure, you might have to exert [Read more…]

Publish That Awesome Book You’ve Been Sitting On!

Publishing a Book

“I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.” ~Stephen Wright It’s a funny quote, but I wonder just how many writers are sitting around thinking about writing that book they’ve always wanted to write? Of course, there are many factors that come into play. You may not have the time to work on your book. After all, bills have to be paid. You may lack inspiration and may be waiting for the right time. Understandable, but it’s also “overcomeable” – a story for another day. Let’s just assume for now that you have an awesome book! There’s the [Read more…]

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