Freelance Writing Jobs, August 20, 2015

paid freelance writing jobs

Good morning, FWJ readers. Here are your paid freelance writing jobs. I hope you find more gigs to keep your spirits up. Good luck! Paid Freelance Writing Jobs Content Writing Jobs Content Editor/Curator – The Web Video Marketing Council (Virtual) Web Content Writer – CK Living (Remote) Writers for News Website (Northern VA/WDC Area) Blogging […]

6 Social Media Habits That Will Kill Your Freelance Writing Career


So we all know that what we post on social media can kill your chances of landing — or even keeping — a great job. We’ve all been admonished to keep the photos of drunken exploits off Facebook, to lock down our privacy settings to avoid being tagged in unflattering photos, and to be careful […]

Ways to Get in the Writing Zone

get in the writing zone

Source Writing for a living is not as easy as others would think, is it? Whether you’re writing your novel, or you’re writing articles and blog posts for clients, there are periods when you just can’t seem to focus. There are those times, however, when you get in the writing zone, and you seem to […]

Is Ghostwriting Bad for Your Freelance Writing Career?


Freelancers have passionate feelings both for and against ghostwriting. Some say that ghostwriting is dishonest, and they suggest it will sink your career. Others take great pride in their ghostwriting work and in the relationships they build with high-quality clients. Ghostwriting can be a good source of income, especially in your early freelancing days. Whether […]

Don’t Know Where to Begin as a Freelance Writer? Start With Your College Major


If you’re like many beginning freelance writers, no matter what your age, you feel conflicted when you ask yourself, “What should I write about?” The answer seems like it should be simple, but it gets tangled up in many different issues. If you spent a lot of time in a creativity-deadening career before transitioning to […]

How Good a Writer Do You Have to Be to Earn Six Figures?


Editor’s note: This post was written by David Wilkening, who was a newspaper writer in Chicago, Detroit, Washington and Orlando before becoming a freelance writer more than three decades ago. He was a newspaper feature writer and Washington Bureau Chief. He was an editor at Orlando Magazine and Travel Weekly for years and contributed to […]

There’s a New Kid in the Freelance Writing Block: LolWot

lolwot writing platform

LOL, what? All kidding aside, LolWot may very well be the solution to remove a huge degree of uncertainty in your freelance writing career. Uncertainty in terms of work and income is one of the biggest issues freelancers face. That is why we’ve talked about topics like getting new gigs even if you already have […]