Gifts for Writers with a Sense of Humor

I’ve recently taken to catalog shopping.  I suppose it’s more like catalog window shopping, as I have yet to actually purchase anything for fear of getting on 150 mailing lists before my purchase ever even makes its way to me.  Still, I’ve been having a lot of fun seeing just how much junk is being hocked by mail.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s some really good stuff, too.  I recently came across the funniest t-shirt ever nestled in among the Snuggies and tea pots shaped like roosters. It totally appeals to my snobby writer side! This got me to poking [Read more…]

Holiday Gifts for Freelance Writers: 10 Book Recommendations for the Writers in Your Life
Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Every year I put out a call for recommendations for gifts for freelance writers and every year a flurry of representatives send me recommendations for gifts having nothing to do with writers or writing at all. So this year, I’m taking matters into my own hands by recommending my favorite books for writers. Mind you, not every book here is a book about writing, but all of them benefit freelance writers. Full disclosure: A couple of the books on this list were sent to me to review, and I give my honest review here. However, most of the books on [Read more…]

Oh, Literature. How I've Missed You!

For some reason, it didn’t quite register when my husband pointed the camera at me as I opened my birthday gift a week and a half ago, that there was something truly special secreted under the purple flowered wrapping paper I’d bought during a school fundraising drive several years ago. It turns out that he wanted to capture the look on my face as I opened the package to find my biggest (current) materialistic dream had been fulfilled. He bought me a Kindle. And I am in love. Um, with him. Yeah, that’s what I meant. Here’s the not-so-flattering picture [Read more…]

Holiday Gifts for Bloggers: Blog Posts Sticky Notes

by Deb Ng I have to admit…if someone I know stuck a package of Blog Posts Sticky Notes in my stocking I’d be touched. It would mean the people in my life sort of get what it is I do. It might also add a touch of practical whimsy to my stocking. These aren’t your usual post its, they’re not even from the same company. Blog Posts Sticky Notes are from the Imagineering company. Each sticky looks like blank blog dashboard or comment form. But better. Blog Sticky Notes use advanced pencil to paper technology. No wires are involved. No [Read more…]

Black Friday Deals for Freelance Writers and Bloggers

Make no mistake. I will NOT be waking up at 3:00 am to brave the crowds for the latest new items. I will NOT be pushing through throngs of people to fight over the latest “big” toy for my son. On Friday, I will be home enjoying my family. In fact, I have no plans to step inside a store or mall for the entire weekend. I’m not that adventurous. However, I know a few members of this community get a charge out of all the Black Friday deals and so I present to you some items of interest: Black [Read more…]

Holiday Gifts for Writers: Power Squid and Cricket Laptop Stand

Wait. Put down the pitchforks. I know I said just a post ago that writers don’t want boring gifts, and I stand by that. Still, most of us do get a balance of practical vs frivolous as gifts during our respective holidays and birthdays. With that in mind, I’d like to appeal to the gift giver’s practical side today. Beside, I think I’ve thrown in a pretty good mix here. Before I toss out today’s offerings, I’d like to stress these are not meant to give as “THE” gift. I might even go as far as to suggest that if [Read more…]

Are Freelance Writers and Bloggers Boring?

Yesterday I contacted a sponsor for my Cookerati blog (Dunkin’ Donuts) to see if they would be interested in giving away a gift basket here. I thought it would be a nice change from the usual fare and an awesome gift for the winner. It occurred to me that I could do a lot more of these giveaways if I had enough sponsors and prizes. The thing is, whenever I put out word that I’m doing a gift guide or that I would like sponsors for giveaways, I get a whole bunch of self help books and laptop supplies. Now, [Read more…]

Holiday Gifts for Writers and Bloggers: Writer's Remedy

by Deb Ng Here’s a fun way to battle writer’s block: Writers Remedy is a bunch of magnetic words in a jar. Simply take out some words, pop ‘em up on the fridge and mix and match until you come up with some ideas. There are 300 words in the jar, enough to nudge you back to the task at hand. The jar retails for about $15 at the Magnetic Poetry website.

Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry for Writers and Bloggers

I’ve been accused of being too practical when choosing holiday gifts for writers and bloggers.  Today, I’d like to enter the world of frivolity with some jewelry suggestions for writers. Typewriter Key Bracelet Tell me you won’t be touched when a thoughtful person in your life buys you this typewriter key bracelet from It retails for $110 and we especially like that it’s made from the real thing, and recycling always gets thumbs up from the FWJ crew. Typewriter Key Cufflinks also has something for our male readers. Typewriter key cufflinks. These retail for $43 for the pair [Read more…]

Holiday Gifts for Writers and Bloggers: Coffee 2.0 from Joffreys

by Deborah Ng Last year Joffrey’s launched a Coffee 2.0 social media campaign to attract bloggers. They asked bloggers to sign up and sample their coffee. And what good coffee it is. I especially like that Joffrey’s gets the whole coffee/blogging thing. Did I mention the coffee is really good? Joffrey’s offers organic coffees, flavored coffees, dark coffees, coffee collections, syrups, flavorings and more. If you’re looking to send your favorite blogger a coffee basket, when not send it from the people who actually GET blogging? A holiday sampler featuring a packet each of Mistletoe Mocha, Pumpkin Creme Brulee,  and [Read more…]

Holiday Gifts for Writers: The Leather Wrap Journal from Kiki James of London

by Deborah Ng Here’s an elegant holiday gift idea for writers. I recently received a Kiki James leather wrap journal as a gift and immediately faced two dilemmas. The first was that it was too beautiful to write in and the second was that I couldn’t wait to start writing in it. Not bad dilemmas at all when you consider many gifts people give me go into a closet and are promptly forgotten. As someone who sits in front of a keyboard all day writing what other people tell me to write, it’s a real treat to hand write in [Read more…]

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