Freelance Writing Jobs is Open for Guest Blog Posts


Would you like to see one of your articles published on Freelance Writing Jobs?  We’ve automated the guest post submission process and teamed up with to make it quick and easy for you to submit guest posts to Freelance Writing Jobs and several other Splashpress Media blogs. Just visit, set up an account, […]

Robin Parrish Joins the Freelance Writing Jobs Team


I’m very happy to announce that Robin Parrish, who has been writing for Splashpress Media for some time now on and, is joining the Freelance Writing Jobs team. Robin will be writing a new column called “Publishing in the 21st Century” and will discuss outside-the-box methods of publishing that go beyond the norm.  […]

Introducing the New Freelance Writing Advice Column and a Call for Submissions


I’m very happy to announce that Freelance Writing Jobs is launching a new weekly column called Freelance Writing Advice.  Think of it as the Dear Abby of the freelance writing world, and our “Abby” will be none other than Freelance Writing Jobs veteran contributor Jodee Redmond! Jodee currently writes in the  job hunting tips section […]

Writing for Free or for a Low Pay – Don’t Let Anyone Else Judge You


I’ve been told that an ongoing debate that can get quite ugly on this site relates to whether or not people should take writing opportunities that are unpaid or offer a very low payment. Let me preface my opinion on this topic by saying I don’t think anyone should judge why another person takes one […]

Where are You in Your Freelance Writing Career?

Earlier this week, I asked Freelance Writing Jobs readers to tell me what you want to read about on this site in the future (you can take the poll here).  Today, I’d like to get to know the Freelance Writing Jobs readers a bit better, so I can tailor future content to best meet your […]

What Do You Want to Read About on Freelance Writing Jobs?

Before I start publishing content on Freelance Writing Jobs, I want to hear from you to find out what you want to read about on this site in the future.  There are so many aspects to the world of freelance writing, but I’d like to start my journey with all of you by focusing on […]