3 Lessons Learned from Yankee Doodle

"The Spirit of '76" was originally titled "Yankee Doodle."

“Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni.” I must have sang “Yankee Doodle” at least a thousand times over the past 45 years and never really gave  a second thought to its meaning. Today, while attending a second grade social studies presentation about […]

Are You (Ab)Using Your Online Friends?


Does this sound familiar? You’re an aspiring blogger looking to make yourself known in a popular niche. All the blogging books and blogs tell you in order to do this you have to network heavily including commenting at other top blogs to bring in traffic. You do. You don’t just comment you become THE top […]

Asking Questions VS Confrontation


Overheard at the supermarket: “I don’t like the way they do things over there. I’m going to give them a piece of my mind. There’s going to be a confrontation.” To be fair, I don’t know what prompted the above-referenced quote. It stuck in my mind for a variety of reasons, the first is that […]

Demand Studios Announces Editorial Advisory Board

This is another Demand Studios blog post. If you’d rather not read about them, feel free to move on. We won’t be upset, we promise. I do feel this is important news, otherwise I wouldn’t bombard you with two DS posts in the same week. Full disclosure: Demand Studios is a sponsor for this blog. […]

Scribe SEO Review for the Technically Challenged

Scribe 1

As a technically challenged blogger I’m always interested in tricks and tools that enhance my bloggery and make it look as if I know what I’m doing. So when Brian Clark launched Scribe SEO , a tool geared towards assisting SEO idiots (like me) in optimizing their blog posts, I decided to give it whirl. […]

Building a Blog into a Blog Network without Funding, Backing or Partners


The news regarding the b5Media blog network‘s  restructuring and restaffing is leading to a lot of speculation around the webosphere. Specifically folks are wondering about the future of blog networks in general. Will they all be taken over by the venture capitalists who are funding them and turned into impersonal content portals, or will they […]

b5Media: I’m in a Better Place Now

Blog - stock.xchnge

When I first began working as a blogger, b5Media was at the top of my list of places to work. I mean, Liz Strauss, Brian Clark and Darren Rowse, all bloggers I looked up to, were part of b5Media. As someone who wanted to make a name for myself as a blogger, I felt this […]

Your Turn: What’s Your Definition of a “Good” Freelance Writing Job?

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Credit where it’s due: I’m writing this in response to a Skype conversation I had with Mark Narter, a friend and writer who doesn’t have a huge online presence but writes full time for a local business. Every now and then Mark pings me to talk about something I wrote and whether or not he […]