Three Ways to Fight Plagiarism Easily

Having worked online for almost a decade, I do believe that there is such a thing as accidentally plagiarizing. After all, how many times and/or ways can a subject be written about? At some point, an online writer might find himself writing the same words and ideas that he has read somewhere else – without the intention of copying. But, the road to hell is paved with adverbs good intentions, right? Source Then there’s the other side of the coin – other people copying your content. You may think that it won’t happen to you, but believe me, there are so many unscrupulous [Read more…]

Building Your Freelance Portfolio with WordPress: Essential Plugin Pack
wp plugin

There are many reasons why many freelancers choose WordPress for building their portfolio of websites: It’s easy, reliable and flexible (thanks, of course, to plugins). Okay, maybe you will occasionally be told that Tumblr or Blogger is the better choice especially for those looking for a more casual blogging experience. But for the professionals, WordPress always comes out on top — and for good reason, considering the number of features, tools and free plugins you can access to customize and monetize your content.

Introducing the Like button at Facebook!

Just a quick heads up. Today, Facebook decided that “Like” is a better wording choice than “Become a Fan.” Interesting news because we JUST discussed this here; with me and others noting that, “The wording, “Fan” is off-putting.” In fact this wording is one major reason I haven’t felt compelled to create a separate page for any of my sites. Currently I only have a me page. What Facebook says… “Introducing the Like button – Starting today people will be able to connect with your Page by clicking “Like” rather than “Become a Fan.” We hope this action will feel [Read more…]

Blogging: The Rules Are….There are No Rules

Bloggers who earn money like to tell other bloggers how to earn money. It’s what we do. We like to think our way is the best way and share our success secrets with others.  Here’s the thing though, what works for one blogger doesn’t necessarily work for another. If there’s one thing I’ve learned these past few years it’s to use other bloggers’ experiences to experiment with my own blog, but find my own formula for success. Every time I read another blogger’s thoughts on how to kill a blog, I feel as if they’re writing about me.  My sidebar [Read more…]

New Research About Bloggers' Ethical Beliefs and Practices

My blogging pal Peggy sent me a link to a new survey you may find interesting – the survey, published in the journal New Media Society, takes a look at how bloggers handle their own ethical beliefs and practices. Researchers at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore created a web survey related to the ethical ideals and ethical practices of bloggers, then sent said survey off to 1224 international bloggers with active, text-based blogs to find out more. The survey looks at both bloggers who blog for personal reasons and at bloggers who blog for clients. While the opinions of just 1224 [Read more…]

Online resume mistakes you may be making

Applying for online writing gigs is a writing talent all on its own. If you make a mistake you’re not kicking off this whole, “I can write for a living” deal very well. Because you’ll be sending your resume / work bio by email, you need to adjust it for the web. Following are some mistakes not to make when applying for an online writing gig – be it a blog or other website. Mistakes when applying: You cut and paste from Word or another doc. application: This can result in some funky formatting and make your email look unprofessional. [Read more…]

Client issue: make sure you're not paid in oddball funds

Here’s a situation I haven’t run into before. I’m sure many writers have, but luckily this issue has escaped me; until now that is… First of all I took a gig with a somewhat promising blog client. The editor I had to report to was cool, the blog was my style, it seemed all good. Then: The editor that hired me quit immediately and the new editor they hired was the world’s biggest pain. She peppered her emails and posts with flowery, wordy, annoying to the max wording. For example, she always called the writers things like deary and the [Read more…]

From Network Blogging to Blogging for a Living

The other day my blogging partner in crime, Jennifer Chait begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and I had a conversation about this blog. Since neither of us really believe network blogging is the way to go when wanting to earn a real, sustainable living as a blogger, or even make a name for one’s self as a blogger, we wondered if a blog called “Network Blogging Tips” really reflects the way we feel about blogging for a living.

What one PR gal really thinks about working with bloggers

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a series on PR contacts and tips for bloggers. In that series: How to create a ProfNet opportunity for blog news, products, and tips How to build or break relationships with PR contacts Managing Your Blog PR Contacts During that series I noted that I had a PR person willing to answer some questions for us here at NBT. Today I’ve got those Q&As ready to go. My PR contact got a little time crunched at work, as we all do, hence the late posting of this, however, there is some excellent information [Read more…]

Which online writing and blogging jobs pay the best?

This week we’re discussing single parents who write online for a living. Writing for a living is rare depending on your niche, and I’d wager that freelance bloggers and web writers fall into an even rarer niche. Single parents who write online and blog AND make a good living probably fall into an even rarer niche. At least up to this point. The good news is that web writing gigs are on the rise. The Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Ed. says these general writing jobs are where the best opportunities are: “Technical writing, blogging, and other writing for interactive media [Read more…]

How to create a ProfNet opportunity for blog news, products, and tips

UPDATE as of May 2010: In case you don’t read the comments first (who does that?) Maria, from ProfNet recently left a comment here with a link to ProfNet’s newest and best way to submit an opportunity. It’s way easy to use and doesn’t make you jump through so many hoops. Visit ProfNet to learn more. Back to the regular post: Last week we started talking about bloggers and their PR issues. One reader; Keilann asked, “How do you create targeted call for products and ideas at ProfNet? I’ve signed up for the site but it’s very overwhelming and I [Read more…]

How to build or break relationships with PR contacts

This week we’re taking a peek at PR topics that relate to bloggers. Yesterday we talked about Managing Your Blog PR Contacts. Coming up we’ll look at how to set up a ProfNet query letter and bonus – I’ve got a couple of PR folks lined up who will be telling us what it’s like to work with bloggers. The good, not so good, and more. So stay tuned. Today – how to build relationships or I suppose you could look at it the other way too; as in how to royally mess up your relationship. There’s no fancy tricks [Read more…]

Three Useful Blogging Tools Including the Best Free Image Editor for PCs

< In the post One Blogging Tool That Makes My Life Easier, I noted that eventually I’d cover some other cool tools. Looks like I’m late – better late than never I suppose. Three other blogging tools I’ve been very happy with include: 1) The Sociable plugin. This is a plugin that many of you may know, but since I like it, I’m still going to mention it. In case you haven’t used it, Sociable is the plugin that creates this (see below) at the bottom of your blog posts. … I really like Sociable because it’s one of those [Read more…]

One Blogging Tool That Makes My Life Easier

\ In the last post, My Blogger Holiday Wish List, I covered some things I wish would change about blogging, however, there are also some tools I’ve found that both work well, and make my blogging world a little nicer. I was going to discuss five tools, but decided to start with one (because it’s a biggie) and later post the other four. Thesis Theme: I recently decided to redesign one of my blogs and I also launched two new ones. I wanted them all to have a semi-same theme design; yet have unique aspects as well. I tend to [Read more…]

I Heart My Mouse

My old computer mouse sucked. BIG TIME. It was sticky, and cranky, and slowed me down considerably. Guess how long I’d been dealing with my old lame mouse? Almost a year. I don’t really go to the office supply store much, and when I have gone, I put off getting a new mouse. Why? Rational: The old one sucks but it does still work, it just takes a little more encouragement. Finally on Saturday I’m blogging away and there goes the mouse… stick, won’t grab a link, sticks again. Egad. Something in me broke. I had seriously had it. I [Read more…]

Taking Your Blog to the Next Level with Radio

I’m not going to do this too often, I promise. I won’t spam you with stuff from my day job. I wrote a post today at BlogTalkRadio featuring 7 Reasons to Take Your Blog to the Next Level with Radio and I thought it might interest many of you. If you’re looking for new ways to promote your brand, build community and talk more about topics that interest you, radio is a good way to do it. Anyway, it’s something to consider. What do you think of using radio for blogs? Is it something you could do? I was nervous [Read more…]

16 Things You Need to Make it as a Blogger

Think anyone can blog? Think again! While it’s true that anyone can start, the fact is very few people can successfully pull it off. If you want to truly make it as a blogger, you need to have several things. I’m not talking laptops and software, indeed those are important. Most of what you need to become a successful blogger can’t be found in stores, or even blogs about blogging. 1. A good idea –Not the same idea as everyone else. Not a copycat of someone else’s blog, but your own unique, good idea. If you want to make it [Read more…]

Try Adding A Current Event Link To Your Posts

Over at Tree Hugging Family, co-blogger Peggy and I have been trying some different blog traffic building techniques out. If they work out, I may be sharing some here so that you can give them a shot at your blog. The first new trick we tried in May was a current event link. A major issue at THF is that we post a lot, always have some sort of feature and poll going on, and we often have contests too. Who can keep up? We were trying to keep readers up to date with links before, but it got super [Read more…]

Blog World Expo Registration is Open

Last year I attended the Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas and it turned out to be the best thing I could do for my blogging career. I met some wonderful people, learned about great new tools and products, turned others on to my blogs and sat in on some top notch classes led by the best bloggers in the business. I was hesitant about traveling alone, but I’m so glad I went. I’ll be there this year too, with bells on. Registration for Blog World is now open and there’s even an early bird discount in [Read more…]

Why Busy Bloggers Need an Offline Editor

A busy blogger’s best friend is an offline editor. Trust me when I tell you it will make your life more simple. My weapon of choice is Windows Live Writer. As someone who juggles dozens of blogs for several clients, I’m here to tell you your productivity will increase once you download one of these puppies With an offline editor you can: Use the same dashboard for each of your blogs without having to leave the page. Simply use the drop down menu to switch to a new blog. Post ahead of time. When I can, I blog a week’s [Read more…]

Blog Improvement Advice From Problogger Easton Ellsworth

Easton Ellsworth blogs at Know More Media, a blog network with a focus on business. He currently blogs for Business Blog Wire, an excellent blog, covering daily blogging tips and advice. He’s also a Know More Media editor, and in the past helped to to run the Know More Media Author Certification program, which was created to help bloggers improve their blogging skills. Easton stays mighty busy. He’s been blogging since 2005. Besides his blogging and editor duties, he’s also a stay-at-home dad, and he’s writing two e-books about blogging. Whew, are you feeling lazy yet? Busy or not, he’s [Read more…]

Using Affiliate Advertising in Your Network Blogs

A few weeks ago, we talked about the different ways blog networks pay. Did you know there are other ways to earn money with network blogs than with base pay and traffic bonuses? Many networks allow you to use affiliate advertising in your blogs. Now, I’m not saying you should go ahead and slap on some ads, but if this idea interests you, do talk to your editors about the possibility of using affiliates. Here’s a sampling of the affiliates and advertising methods allowed by some networks: Amazon – Amazon if the most popular affiliate program in use by network [Read more…]

Where To Get Blog Contest Prizes

Since Deb did the previous post on the benefits of contests I thought I’d follow that theme with where to find prizes for said contests. Sit around and wait: People will come to you if you’ve been blogging long enough. Companies and PR folks will email you and just offer stuff up. Loads of stuff. It can depend on your blog topic though. I never get any decent free prize offers at my blog about weird homes because frankly no one give houses away or other stuff related to weird homes. At my other blogs I get many offers a [Read more…]

Why Bloggers Love Twitter

> It’s no secret I’m addicted to Twitter. This virtual water cooler makes me feel like I’m not working alone – even when I am. I can send out a Tweet and receive advice, answers to questions and drink orders. Plus, I can let everyone know when a new blog post is up. Really, what’s not to like? Darren Rowse recently asked Twitterers why they love Twitter and then put the response in this clever video:   Why do you love Twitter?

Don't Forget Your Sense of Humor

Before I forget, happy Blogger Appreciation Day! Show another blogger how he or she is appreciated by offering encouragement and support. Yesterday I chatted for a bit with another network blogger who was a bit down about the direction her blog was taking. As a health blogger who discussed a chronic condition she felt her posts, and her community’s comments about their health issues, was bringing the community. She felt her blog was so depressing she didn’t want to do it anymore. A couple of other bloggers chimed in and we discussed ways to add positivity to the blog. Especially [Read more…]

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