Patience and the Long-Distance Blogger

Blogging offers writers great rewards. We get to share our words with others. We educate and entertain. If we’re really lucky, our blogs generate income or interest from book agents. To do any of this, however, you need readers, and in the early days of any blog, readers are hard to come by.

How to Write Link Bait Articles

Good content still sells and is one of the most effective ways to attract valuable links to your site. It is imperative to understand that most people venture into the cyber world looking for information on a plethora of topics, so when you offer informative articles not only do you please your visitors and get more link backs but also you establish a reputation for yourself as a niche expert. When writing link bait articles, it is essential to remember that while what you write is important, how you write it will add chutzpah to your content. So, here are [Read more…]

Will re-posting breaking news benefit you and your readers

As previously noted, it’s practically impossible to break actual breaking news at a blog. Still, if you can find breaking news, and it fits your blog topic, you can still post it. You’ll just need a slant that makes it your own. Before you slant with your own lovely style though you should consider if it’s worth slanting at all. Should you waste time slanting? Slanting, in the most general of descriptions means making the news your own. Giving your own opinion on it. Hopefully an opinion that will make the news interesting to your community EVEN though they may [Read more…]

Increase blog traffic with email strategies

There are all sorts of little ways that email can increase blog traffic for you or for a client you blog for. Following are five good ideas. Email a new reader; or two or three or twenty! Darren notes that emailing new readers was one of the main strategies he used to build up ProBlogger traffic back in the day, and if it’s good enough for that well… why not give it a shot. Note – some emails to new readers can be annoying. Try to keep track of who you send emails to so that you don’t send off [Read more…]

Helpful Reminder – Using Blog Images for Increased Traffic

On Sundays I tend to go over stats for all my blogs – both my own and my client’s blogs too to see how traffic is looking. I’m currently writing for around 9 or so blogs and while they’re all about different topics (or have different slants) all but two of these blogs have one traffic perk in common – images – meaning, an insane bulk of page views at the places I write comes directly from image searches. With this in mind I thought it would be a good time to remind you to use images wisely. It’s not [Read more…]

Should you separate social networking from your friends & family?

Darren had an interesting post up last month at Problogger; maybe you caught it – Dear FaceBook Friends, I’m De-Friending Most of You [It’s Not You, It’s Me]. The post was his public rational as to why soon he’d be deleting all his work contacts from his Facebook account. Darren’s not the only one doing this either. Lately I’ve seen many folks creating their own Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and other work-personalized social network accounts that allow them to specifically network with work pals and contacts vs. personal real-life friends and family. Here’s an example; say your name is [Read more…]

Are Blog Contests Worth Your Time?

I used to run a heaping handful of blog contests at my client’s blogs. Contests and giveaways can be fun, improve traffic stats, connect you nicely with companies and draw in and encourage new readers, but I’ve come to realize that contests and giveaways are not worth it at every blog you write for. When it’s not worth it: If they take too much time. Hosting a decent two week giveaway at a blog requires extra time. For example, you’ll have more comments to moderate, PR reps (or the company) hosting the giveaway to deal with, and time spent making [Read more…]

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a measure of how many people visit your blog and continue on to the different pages. For example, if your stats show visitors land on your site and leave without hitting any blog posts beyond the entry page, your bounce rate will be relatively high. If visitors stick around and visit several pages before moving on, your bounce rate will be on the low end. The lower the better. Different blogs and websites have different purposes and therefore will experience differences in bounce rates. In essence bounce rate is the equivalent of walking into a store.  A [Read more…]

Are blog comments working for you or against you?

No matter if you run your own blog or write a blog for a client, your blog comments at other blogs are a good way to network. I myself will click on the name of someone who leaves a good comment and have found some of my favorite reads this way. That said, your comments can also work against you; it all depends on how you play it. What kind of comments may entice people to click your link… Comments that contain personality. I usually click on comment links if the comment makes me laugh because I assume that person’s [Read more…]

Is Your Blog Traffic Down? It Could Be a Good Thing

I pay careful attention to blog traffic. I religiously read my stats and keep a close eye on the search terms and keywords bringing folks to the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network. While we have been enjoying a steady rise for years, a few weeks ago we experienced a brief dip in traffic. At first I was concerned; what could be causing folks to stay away? After a careful analysis of my stats, I realized people weren’t staying away. In fact, more people than ever were reading blog posts from this network. So why the drop in blog traffic? Because [Read more…]

Profitable Blogging for Yourself: Traffic and Community First…then Money

If you’re reading this blog, most likely you’re interested in making money as a blogger. Jennifer’s advice here is for those wishing to make a living blogging for others. My posts are mostly geared towards earning money from your own blogs. I hope we both offer something of value and that you will continue to offer your feedback. In the almost five years I’ve been building this blog network, there’s been a lot of trial and error. I didn’t know a thing about blogging when I first created Freelance Writing Jobs, When I first started out as a blogger, I [Read more…]

How to Turn Off Your Blog Readers in 10 Easy Steps

Blogging isn’t only a full time job or an income stream for me, it’s an addiction. It’s a way of life. Next to spending time with my family, it’s my favorite thing to do in the world. It’s my passion. I suppose that’s hard to explain to the people who see that I’m online all day and think I have no life, but it is what it is. I’m hooked on blogging, it’s my passion. I enjoy reading blog posts from other passionate bloggers as well. When people love what they do their passion and happiness shine through, and those [Read more…]

From Blog to Small Business

Deb’s note: I started writing this post on the plane to Las Vegas (and BlogWorld) last week. Since then I’ve seen Darren Rowse’s post at ProBlogger called, “The #1 One Reason My Blogging Grew into a Business.” Check it out if you can, it’s a must -read for anyone who wants to blog for a living. FWJ began four years ago as a blog filled with leads for work at home moms like me. As you know, it’s evolved quite a bit over the past few years. Something happened this past spring that caused me to change my outlook about [Read more…]

Creating a useful and successful blog networking plan

Social networking isn’t that hard. Anyone can tweet, leave comments, ask for link exchanges, or IM readers and blogging pals. These are all general networking ideas that can work. However, if you’re focusing on the wrong blog networking tactics for your specific blog you’re wasting your time. In my mind we network for one basic reason, to draw readers to our blog. Maybe you’re networking for another reason; to get read for personal reasons, to promote a cause, to get a job, or to gain clicks on ads, but it really all comes down to getting people to your blog [Read more…]

17 Tips for Promoting Your Blog Without Being Spammy

After my last post, 5 Reasons You’re Not Making Any Money as a Blogger, some of the members of this community asked if I could offer a few tips for promoting blogs without being spammy or annoying. A key to successful blogging is knowing there’s a fine line between self promotion and spam. The important thing to remember is to build relationships rather than spreading links everywhere you go. If you only drop links, you’ll turn off potential readers. However, if you take the time to participate in discussions and get to know people, they’ll want to learn more about [Read more…]

How to be totally obnoxious when asking for a link exchange

A blogger pal of mine (who shall remain nameless) was recently approached by a fairly well-known blog (who shall remain nameless – we’ll call them blog X) for a link exchange. At first it all seemed fine and dandy. Then my pal noticed that other bloggers responses to said link exchange were popping up in her email. Blogger pal o’ mine had not noticed at first, (because who clicks on Gmail details every time) but this email had been sent out to a bunch of folks. She was just one of many emails listed. This is shoddy link exchange handling. [Read more…]

Kick off 2009 with more useful blog images

As I’ve complained about before, I’ve had clients who actually tell me to use Google Images to locate appropriate post images in order to “amp my posts”. I refuse, because online suicide is not a blogging goal of mine. I agree though that images are a nice blog addition. I personally don’t think that every single post needs an image, but if the image does one of the following, it’s a good plan: Adds something to your post – nostalgia, humor, beauty, or clearly shows your post theme. Highlights your post topic – for say product reviews. Product review posts [Read more…]

Informal Poll – Where is the line between link love & too much link love?

Sorry I’ve been MIA – my flu got pretty bad, then I got better, and of course I had work to catch up on. In any case, I have an informal poll question. Recently, a client I blog for decided that a good way to increase page views might be to try a daily link love post. If you’re lost on link love, here’s a link love example you can view. I like link love posts, because they allow me to offer extra content to readers, stuff I enjoyed reading, that I assume my readers might also enjoy. I also [Read more…]

Social networking is fuzzy – what's your take?

I was making a list of social networking methods for blogs, plus discussing it with Deb, and I realized that some of the methods I use are pretty fuzzy. Many social activities cross over with blog promotion and the other way around, and it all mixes up with building your own blog community. For example, if someone finds you through Technorati and you become pals and maybe score a gig through that friendship, is it blog promotion, or are you doing a little networking? Fuzzy business. That said, I’m going to cover some blog networking methods over the next few [Read more…]

What kind of social networking is the most beneficial for bloggers

It seems everyone is interested in finding the best form of social networking for bloggers, according to the recent post, “Is Network Blogging Tips the right name for this blog?” It’s a bit of a loaded question, because straight up, the kind of social networking that will work best for your blog, is…. The social networking you’ll actually use. Bonus points if you enjoy using it.

Why Bloggers Need Stats to Succeed

by Deborah Ng I’m a stats junky. I check my stats several times a day to see how I’m doing traffic wise, plus for several other reasons. My stats tell me: Which of my posts are most popular – Knowing this gives me a good idea of what my readers want. Which keywords bring in the most traffic – See above. Knowing where my traffic comes from helps me to accommodate my readers. How many people stopped by in a day – If I have a very high or low traffic day, it’s good to know the reason. Who is [Read more…]

Use Keywords to Label Your Images for Increased Traffic

When I wrote for a music blog, I went from receiving a few hundred visitors a day to a few thousands visitors a day overnight. Did I hit it big on Digg? Get major Stumblage? No. I brought in thousands of readers through Google Image Search. I know many bloggers and web writers label their images haphazardly or with little thought as to whether or not they’ll bring in search engine traffic. A picture labeled “snow122208″ probably won’t bring in as many search results as one labeled “snow conditions”, “snow boots”, “snow tires” or “snow boarding.” In addition to saving [Read more…]

Snag some extra October Blog Traffic

If you’re looking for a great way to get some extra traffic in October, and simultaneously voice your opinion on an important topic, you should sign up for Blog Action Day 2008. Blog Action Day is a new blogosphere event (started last year). The goal of Blog Action Day is to gather voices in the blogosphere on a single day to discuss an important issue. Last year the topic was the environment – this year it’s poverty. Anyone with a blog, podcast, or so fourth can sign on to participate. All you have to do is register at Blog Action [Read more…]

How Blogging is Like Dieting

So after writing yesterday’s post about the woman who wanted to make it as a blogger so quick, she resorted to spamming me with fake testimonials of how great she is, I began to think of the best way to describe what it takes to build up a blog. If you blog for a network, you have a couple of advantages. For instance, the pay is already coming in and you have your network’s good reputation to back you up. Still, to build up traffic, respect and loyalty takes time. For me, blogging is like dieting. Ups and Downs If [Read more…]

Self Promotion Doesn't Mean Spam

I’m not going to name names or point fingers but once upon a time, I did a Q&A with a web 2.0 up and comer. You see, I kept receiving email telling me how spectacular this person was. So I decided to investigate. She was a joy to interview and I posted her profile on one of my blogs and the testimonials and positive comments rolled in. And by rolled in I mean they kept coming…and coming…and coming. After a while it occurred to me they were all basically saying the same thing. I looked a little deeper and saw [Read more…]

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