How to Use the Google+ Contributor List

The world of freelance writing has no doubt shifted to the Internet. Although some freelance gigs may want to keep your writing anonymous, most put your writing on a website for the world to see. This works great because it gives you a nice portfolio of writing to send to future writing gigs you hope to land. You can tell a potential editor to check out the article you wrote on a particular website, and you can even link right back to that article in your email pitch.

5 Ways to Grab That Freelancing Job With LinkedIn

In a tough economy with so many people out of work, finding a job can be a mind numbing process, and finding a freelance writing job is no different. The problem, though, does not lay in the job finding part; any website you browse will list hundreds of open positions. These common websites are flooded daily with over-qualified applicants that are hired before you even click the posting. Because of this, you may need to consider finding an alternative way to job search and in this job market. The key: networking. If you are or want to be a freelance [Read more…]

Show Your Writing Face?

Everywhere I go, I see Joe Purschke’s face. Who is Joe Purschke? Well he’s my mortgage broker. But I knew him long before I met him. That’s because Joe uses his face on every ad. From highway billboards to refrigerator magnets – I can pick Joe out of a lineup better than I can identify some members of my family. Seeing Joe everywhere got me thinking…why do some business types rely on “face” marketing while others don’t? And should bloggers be plastering their author picture next to every article they write?

Preserving Your Web Reputation

As a blogger for yourself or for clients OR if you’re a community manager, preserving your web reputation is a big ol’ deal. Following are some tips. Google yourself – once in a while you should be searching for your own name on Google or other search engines. Note that using capitals, such as Jennifer Chait begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting vs. jennifer chait and incorrect spelling can bring up different results. Searching for your own name allows you to see what others may be saying about you, see which of your posts are the most popular, check for lame plagiarism issues and so [Read more…]

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