Do You Have a Case of “Freelance Writer Isolation”?
freelance writer isolation

I could be wrong, but I think that many freelance writers – especially those who work mainly from home – are more introverted than extroverted. At the risk of stereotyping, many of us prefer to stay indoors, read books, browse the Internet, and watch (good) TV shows or movies/documentaries. Source That’s exactly what my personal preferences are, and when I do go out (and actually look forward to doing so), it’s to go grocery shopping and maybe sit down for a while at the coffee shop around the corner. In short, I barely socialize with “real” people in “real” life. [Read more…]

The Best of FWJ February

February brought most of us in the States snow storm after snow storm, Valentine’s Day and some really informative posts from the FWJ crew. Here are a few of the most popular: Applying for a Freelance Writing Gig Without Looking Desperate by Jodee Redmond In this post Jodee cautions against oversharing when looking for writing gigs. Is Your Blog Dressed For Success? by Gayla Baer-Taylor First impressions are important. Gayla shows you how to make sure your blog turns heads. I’m a Ghostwriter (Get Over It) – by Jeffery Reyes In this terrific guest post, Jeffery hits on the many misconceptions [Read more…]

Is Clutter Killing Your Career, You?

I know, the title sounds dramatic. A bit like the teaser for your local six o’clock news during sweeps, but it’s absolutely true. Your home office could be killing you or at the least, your career. Right now. Wait, before you jump up and run for the front yard let me explain… Clutter kills. You don’t have to have junk piled up to the ceiling like some reality TV shows, but disorganization in any area can affect others. Gone are the days of the lovable, messy writer whose creative passion overflows into piles and piles of papers, books and knickknacks. [Read more…]

Bringing Community Back: FWJ is Giving Away $150

Once upon a time there was a blog. This blog had several thousand visitors each day. They shared. They chatted. They commiserated. It was all good. Soon some mean people came by and began scaring away the happy chatters. The vibe changed from warm and fuzzy to not so much fun anymore. The owner did her best to build up community, but she was so busy with her projects and her job it wasn’t happening. She put a comment policy into place but the damage was already done. She had a reputation for having a community that liked to bicker. [Read more…]

How're We Doing? Please Take Our Survey

Hi friends of the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network. In order to make FWJ a more pleasant, user friendly and informative experience, we need to periodically gauge our readers’ opinions. I hope you don’t mind taking a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule and taking our brief survey. It’s all anonymous, we’re not collecting names. By filling it out it will let us know a little about your habits and your thoughts about this network. Click Here to take survey Thanks, once again, for your continued support. Thank you so much for your time! – Deb

Join the New Freelance Writing Jobs Social Network

Want to socialize with others from the Freelance Writing Jobs community? Join the brand new Freelance Writing Jobs social network on Ning. The benefits abound: Share tips and ideas with other members of the FWJ community Post your own (non spammy) blog post Discuss issues in the forum Share images, videos, podcasts and more Receive alerts to what this blog network is up to, as well as what the other members of the FWJ community are doing Network with other like-minded people FWJ also has a Twitter presence. You can follow me @debng or to receive updates everytime there’s a [Read more…]

The Difference Between an Internship and Unpaid Labor

Discussing interns and internships are what I consider an “annual” topic. Every year at about this time we talk about interns, or rather, the folks who like to present a job as an internship in order to get away with hiring free labor.  So let’s talk about what internships are, why they are necessary and why they are not free labor. What is an internship? An internship is a job one takes, usually working for a business, corporation or the government, in order to gain experience, build up a reputation and learn from the best. The focus is on the [Read more…]

Top 10 Freelance Writing Job Application Mistakes

I started freelance writing and blogging (though we didn’t call it that back then) in 2000. Which means, I ‘ve been doing this for close to a decade. In the time I’ve been online, I’ve seen it all. I’ve hired writers, worked for people who hired writers, and even critiqued resumes and cover letters for the folks who want to be hired by the people who hire writers. In short, I’ve seen it all. Now, I don’t claim to be an expert because I think the freelance writing world is currently evolving, but I’m confident I can compare awesome freelance [Read more…]

Win a Copy of "Kick Ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps"

The other day, I reviewed a copy of “Kick-Ass Copywriting in 10 Easy Steps.” I recommend the book because I feel it will empower many writers to get out of the low paying freelance writing rut. In fact, we’re going to have a contest to help us do just that. Author Susan Guenelius has generously offered a signed copy of her book to give to a lucky member of the FWJ community. Could that be you? For the next week, I’d like you to discuss ways to get out of the low paying freelance writing rut. In fact, I want [Read more…]

Why Customer Loyalty is So Important

I’ll say it again. There is no secret to freelance writing success. You work hard, turn in clean copy, rock the communication and you’ll do well. It’s the folks that are only going through the motions that seem to struggle.Even though the above-mentioned items are important, I one thing I learned over the last decade is that clients appreciate loyalty more than anything you have to offer. I’m going to use Jodee as a case in point. We began working together two years ago after I posted an ad at the WAHM forum. Since hiring Jodee she’s been a dream [Read more…]

How's Your Networking?

One thing I find interesting among some of my freelance writing peers is how low they rank networking on the priority totem pole. Back in the day, networking wasn’t as attractive because it involved putting on stockings and meeting via local conferences or career events, nowadays it’s so much easier. But whether you prefer the online or the face to face,  don’t underestimate the power of networking. I think about how many people I met when I started out freelancing in 2000. I think about how many more I met after beginning this blog in 2005. I didn’t meet the [Read more…]

When Are Rules Made to Be Broken?

by Deb Ng Ever since having a conversation with Liz Strauss on Twitter the other day, I’ve been thinking about following the rules. Specifically is it ever OK not to follow the rules? One of the reasons I never enjoyed any of my traditional office jobs was because of “the rules.” Every thing had a rule. From how and where one poured coffee to how and where one filed a document,  there were procedures to follow and regulations at every turn. I’m not one for a cookie cutter world. I’m not saying I have my own set of rules when [Read more…]

Would You Rather?

…earn $20,000 more than you earn now and work 10 hours a day at an office job, or would you rather work at home earning what you earned now or less. What is the tipping point where someone makes an offer that you can’t refuse in order to return to a full time job. For me, I have no intention of ever returning to a traditional office job. So it would have to be desperate times for my family (because they always come first) or an offer I totally can’t refuse. What would it take for you? Discuss…

Introducing Kommein

New project alert! David Peralty and I have a great new project launching tomorrow. It’s call Kommein and it’s a blog about building community and community management. Kommein, by the way, is an Indo-European term meaning “shared by all”. In other words, community. As you know, community is very important to me and we wanted to create a place to share ideas and tips with other community minded people. I hope you stop by and read our posts and offer your own thoughts about community. This is so far a great, fun project. One that I hope keeps us busy [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs Community Brainstorming Session

So I spent this weekend answering some of my mail (have more to go – thanks for your patience) and a common question is from bloggers and web content writers who write about the same topic day in and day out and sometimes have trouble coming up with ideas. As someone who has been in this boat before I understand how hard it is to stay fresh. Let us help you. Throw a topic into the comments and we will assist you with ideas for posts and articles. Go on, don’t be shy. That’s what a community is for!

Can Community Ever Be a Bad Thing?

I received an interesting email a little while ago. With the author’s permission I’m repriting, but not mentioning names. Dear Deb, I wanted to participate in your discussion about if FWJ should have a forum but I didn’t want to post my answer in the comments. I’m not a fan of forums because I don’t want to be friends with my competition. I don’t believe in “communities” centered around one’s chosen profession because I don’t want to not apply for a job because I’m feeling the love for another writer. Community holds writers back from getting what they deserve because [Read more…]

Ideas are Free: Use Them Often

As I write this, I have plans in my mind for a couple of new projects I’m working on with my friend David Peralty. I told my sister what we have planned and she agrees they’re good and something you don’t see every day, but wonders if I’m going to have enough time to do what I need to do. Some people knit or watch TV to relax. Me, I like to start new projects. I can’t help it. I have ideas in my head that are begging to come out. Ideas are free. In this economy we can’t afford [Read more…]

Setting Goals for 2009

Every year around this time I set my goals. For the most part, I met most of my past goals. When I was freelancing more my goal each year was to earn $10,000 more than the year before. I’m happy to say this is a goal I always met. This year my situation has changed and therefore my goals have changed. As you know,  I have a full time telecommuting gig and freelance a bit less. So do I still have writing goals? Of course. In 2009 I’m going to be concentrating less on freelancing goals and more on personal [Read more…]

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