Editing Techniques for Modern Mediums


In college you learn to abide by AP style, write in neat paragraphs and an academic tone. In the traditional writing format, these rules transferred nicely. However, when it comes to modern mediums, otherwise known as web writing, these rules generally don’t apply. While grammar should still be pristine, it’s more about the content than […]

Five Simple Ways a Writer Can Improve His Impact


Writing is easy. It’s something many people forget because freelance writing can be a self-defeating endeavor even for those with strong academic skills. It isn’t like completing a math problem where everything has a logical place and you’re guaranteed to do fine so long as the dots are properly connected. Writing is the brooding cousin […]

Creating Your Own Freelance Writing Gigs

I believe that one reason writers aren’t in higher demand is our collective shortcoming in marketing our gifts and their value. We have a tendency to wait until people see a need for us when we should be telling them why we’re so damned valuable. When you’re rainmaking, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Lessons in Copywriting – Part 4

Time for another lesson in copywriting!  Today, you’ll learn a critical element of every copywriting project you take on that you should memorize and never forget — when it comes to making purchase decisions, consumers care about themselves. When I teach copywriting to business owners, I always start off this section of the lesson with […]

Lessons in Copywriting – Part 2

In Part 1 of Lessons in Copywriting, you learned the first tenet of marketing, which is essential for you to understand before you can begin to craft effective marketing messages.  In Part 2, you learn the seven steps of advertising success, which you need to understand in order to determine the types of messages that […]

Lessons in Copywriting Part 1

I’m often asked by beginner writers or seasoned writers who want to branch out in new directions about how to get started as a copywriter.  Therefore, I think Freelance Writing Jobs is a good place to offer some lessons in copywriting. Everything I discuss in this series comes from my own education and experience writing […]

Three Bags of Gold

I’ve chopped off my finger. I’ve betrayed my friend. I’ve pulled the plug. I took the gold and ran.

I bet you’ve done it, too. Maybe you’ve stayed pure in ways that I haven’t, but you’ve compromised your responsibilities. You’ve done something short of your best work. You’ve pandered to an audience, to a client, or to your own writing vanity. You’ve made your deals with devils, even if your devils are incredibly cute and small.

If you haven’t, I bet you will. Someday.

Can Anyone Be a Copywriter?


If you take a trip across the Internet to learn about copywriting or find a copywriter, you’re likely to walk away with the impression that anyone can be a copywriter.  Unfortunately, there are many people out there who claim to be copywriters but have no experience and no knowledge of how copywriting differs from narrative, […]