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What Building a New Habit Can Teach You About Becoming More Than Just a Competent Freelance Writer

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Editor’s note: This post was written by Sam Eddy, the founder of Fulfilling Aspirations. He wants you to know that changing your habits can help you accomplish big things. If you’re interested in knowing more, click here. Ever feel like you’re stuck at being just a competent freelance writer? Yes, you attract the type of clients you want and charge them what you’re worth. Yes, you stay in touch with former clients, sending them a short email to say hi. Yes, you no longer worry about sliding down the slippery slope of an ever-expanding project, because you have a clause [Read more…]

Naughty or Nice? What Would Your Editor Say?

Naughty or Nice? What Would Your Editor Say?

It’s the end of the year and everyone is getting retrospective, including your editors and clients. What will they remember most? Your killer copy? That amazing lede (lead) you wrote? How many times you were late with an article? How hard you are to critique? If you’ve been naughty you can’t rewrite the past, but you can begin to repair your reputation with clients and editors by asking one simple question: How can I better serve you? Writing is a business and you provide a service. Good customer service will keep you in business for years to come so why [Read more…]

Getting More Work from Your Existing Clients

Getting More Work from Your Existing Clients

I don't think it's enough. Getting work is wonderful, making it is even better. Writers need to put their creative thinking, experience and skills to work to create new projects.

Ridiculous Freelance Ad of the Week

I’m finding that when I post these insulting ads, I have less and less to say about them.  I mean, how many ways can you call someone a “cheapskate,” anyway?  That doesn’t mean that I don’t still find them infuriating, or in cases like this one, downright flabbergasting! “Definitons are needed for a new and upcoming tech website. 200+ definitions need to be typed an hour in order to truly earn pay. Computer and technical definitons are what is needed. These will go through review as well before approved. They must be your words and only 1 to 2 lines [Read more…]

Flame Away, Fancypants

I spend a fair amount of time on this blog making fun of so-called “employers” who think it’s totally reasonable to pay decent writers a pittance for their hard work.  I’ve heard every argument for why they can get away with this.  New writers need some way to get started, and these gigs get their foot in the door.  What seems like a ridiculously small amount of money to my bourgeoisie self may be a fortune to someone in another country.  Blah, blah, blah.  Today, I want to look at the other side of the equation, though.  I want to [Read more…]

Using Facebook for Something Other than Showing Off My Kid

So, do you let your clients follow you on Facebook?  I’ve been loathe to do it.  Frankly, I don’t want them to know about my addiction to online Scrabble or the fact that I’m often up at 1 a.m. commenting on my friends’ posts for the day.  Also, I like to have that little bit of personal space, like when you’re at a Junior High dance and the chaperones shove balloons between you and your dance partner to make sure that your naughty bits don’t touch.  I really, really don’t want anything to do with my client’s naughty bits. On [Read more…]

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