How to Go From Being a Freelancer to Founder

freelancer to founder

Becoming a freelancer is something that many people try at least once during their lifetime. It’s an appealing situation—becoming your own boss, choosing your clients, and working from home are all definite positives. But depending on how successful your freelancing career is, you may want to consider actually starting a business at some point. You […]

How Freelance Writers Can Earn “Big Money”

freelance writers earn more

“Big money” is obviously relative. For some freelance writers, this could mean at least $50 per hour. For others, this could be at least $100 per hour. Source No matter what figure you consider big money, you can reach that goal. It may take a bit more work than you’re currently doing, but with these […]

Is Ghostwriting Bad for Your Freelance Writing Career?


Freelancers have passionate feelings both for and against ghostwriting. Some say that ghostwriting is dishonest, and they suggest it will sink your career. Others take great pride in their ghostwriting work and in the relationships they build with high-quality clients. Ghostwriting can be a good source of income, especially in your early freelancing days. Whether […]

Don’t Know Where to Begin as a Freelance Writer? Start With Your College Major


If you’re like many beginning freelance writers, no matter what your age, you feel conflicted when you ask yourself, “What should I write about?” The answer seems like it should be simple, but it gets tangled up in many different issues. If you spent a lot of time in a creativity-deadening career before transitioning to […]

5 Things to Do to Increase Your Freelance Writing Income

increase your freelance writing income

Are you unsatisfied with how much you are earning right now? Do you want to increase your freelance writing income? Image source While there is no exact formula for this, there are certain things you can do to earn more. 1. Optimize your calendar or to-do list. I live by the calendar. I used to […]

Tips to Handle Work Overflow

work overflow

Finding freelance writing jobs is not the easiest of activities. You’ll probably attest to that. This is why we have those periods when we can barely make ends meet in spite of scouring websites for jobs. Whether you check our daily listings of freelance writing jobs, look for jobs on this website or do Google […]

Should You Send Christmas Greeting Cards to Your Clients?

Merry Christmas

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away, and you may have gotten everyone in your circle of family and friends presents by now. But have you thought about sending Christmas greeting cards to your clients? To send or not to send Christmas greeting cards to clients is not a new question. In fact, we’ve […]

What Building a New Habit Can Teach You About Becoming More Than Just a Competent Freelance Writer

competent freelance writer

Editor’s note: This post was written by Sam Eddy, the founder of Fulfilling Aspirations. He wants you to know that changing your habits can help you accomplish big things. If you’re interested in knowing more, click here. Ever feel like you’re stuck at being just a competent freelance writer? Yes, you attract the type of […]

Financial Pitfalls for Freelance Writers – and How to Avoid Them

financial pitfalls

Freelance writers have all the financial freedom in the world, don’t we? Source I wish!!! The truth is that while we do have the potential to earn more than if we held a 9-to-5 job, the degree of financial uncertainty is always there. It’s not far from the truth to say that freelance writers may […]