Don’t Know Where to Begin as a Freelance Writer? Start With Your College Major


If you’re like many beginning freelance writers, no matter what your age, you feel conflicted when you ask yourself, “What should I write about?” The answer seems like it should be simple, but it gets tangled up in many different issues. If you spent a lot of time in a creativity-deadening career before transitioning to […]

6 Great Infographics About Freelancing

Choosing to become a freelancer is both a positive and risky decision. You are setting our on your own, giving up the safety net of a steady employer. You are taking a step to be dependent entirely on yourself and no one else. It is liberating and terrifying, all at once. Whether you are currently a freelancer […]

Requirements for Working with Clients in Other Countries

Freelancing is a skill that takes some honing. While someone who has a knack for networking will find it easier than others, there are still challenges that you just have to work through. Much of it, in fact, is a matter of learning the hard way, and we all have our horror stories. Of course, […]

Writing is Like Sex

While you’re doing it, you’re focused, zoned in and intense. Every distraction is met with deep disappointment – the phone, the kids, the dog standing there watching you do it. When you’re not doing it it’s all you can think about leaving you distracted. “It” is writing, but the passion in which we pursue, fantasize […]

How Can a Freelancer Build a Web Content Client Base?

You’re not alone. I know that because I get emails asking, “How in the hell can I get decent clients?” on a regular basis. I know that because I see folks quizzing discussion board participants with variations of the same question.

An Interview with Dan Schawbel – Author of Me 2.0


I was fortunate enough to have international best selling author and personal branding expert, Dan Schawbel, write the forward for my book that’s coming out next month, 30-Minute Social Media Marketing.  The second edition of Dan’s incredibly popular book, Me 2.0, comes out this week.  You can read his bio at the end of this […]

I Don’t Live in the United States – Can I Apply for U.S. Freelance Writing Jobs?


I receive a lot of emails and comments on Freelance Writing Jobs posts asking the same question: I don’t live in the United States.  Can I apply for U.S.-based freelance writing jobs? Since it’s such a common question, I want to provide an answer publicly.  Here goes… Can you apply?  Yes.  The hiring manager will […]

Different Ways to Create Content

It doesn’t take rocket science to realize content is what blogs need to survive, succeed and even profit. In most circumstances blogs require a constant flow of quality content. There have been many would-be-bloggers who’ve thrown up a website with a handful of pages filled with pillar content and leave it at that. Then they […]

Are You Ready to Get Into Freelancing?

Freelancing can be a great move to make. It can change your outlook on life, improve your financial situation and give you more freedom. It can also open up opportunities that you didn’t have access to previously, like traveling to new places or maybe a book deal. But freelancing also can be a bad move, […]