What to Do If You Miss a Deadline

missed deadline

When Robert Palmer sings, “You can’t sleep, you can’t eat. There’s no doubt, you’re in deep,” I can’t help but wonder if he’s “Addicted to Love” or about to miss a deadline. If you’re a freelance writer, odds are you will miss a deadline at some point in your career. Whether you misjudge the breadth […]

When to Follow Up with a Prospective Client

Dear Jodee, What is an appropriate time to wait before following up with a potential client? I’ve made a pitch and had a good initial discussion with the client but haven’t heard anything further. I don’t want to appear too pushy, but I also don’t want to let this opportunity get away from me. Martin […]

Nervous About Meeting Prospective Client

Dear Jodee, I’ve been contacted by a prospective client who wants to arrange a time to meet. I’ve been working remotely for some time and the idea of sitting down for an interview is really intimidating. Can you give me some tips? Nervous Nellie Dear Nellie, First of all, congrats on being invited to meet […]

How do I Prepare a Writer’s Resume?

Dear Jodee, I’ve seen ads for freelance writers where the prospective client asks for a resume. How do I prepare a writer’s resume for freelance clients? Confused Applicant Dear Confused, A writer’s resume isn’t some mysterious document; it’s just a resume for a writer. The idea of being a self-employed business owner and having to […]

Job Security in Freelance Writing

Dear Readers, I have been following an interesting discussion on another forum where someone asked whether there was job security in freelance writing. First of all, the words job security and freelance writing really shouldn’t be put together in the same sentence. When you are providing services on a freelance basis, you are not working […]

How Can I Market my Freelance Writing Services Online?

Dear Jodee, For people who have business clients, how do you go about getting them? What are people’s advertising methods? I’m currently advertising on Craigslist and find it’s not as effective as I’d like it to be. Are there other ways of advertising online that are more effective? Thanks in advance. Sam Dear Sam, There […]

Getting Through a Slump in Your Freelance Writing

Dear Readers, I wanted to share a comment with you that was posted here the other day: I have been in a bit of a dry patch since Christmas! I worry more about how I’m going to get the payment off my client than how I’m going to get the job. There are so many […]