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What is Academic Writing and How Is it Different From Other Kinds of Writing?

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Academic Writing and Other Kinds of Writing Some freelance writers specialize in certain niches. They are subject matter experts. Others are more versatile and write about a variety of topics. Whichever kind of freelance writer you are, we can all agree that there are different types of writing that have different requirements. For example, writing for business to business (B2B) needs a different style from business to customer (B2C). Then there’s technical writing, grant writing, and academic writing, among others. Let’s take a look at academic writing and how it is different from the other types of writing. What is [Read more…]

Are You A Freelance Writer? Read the Ultimate Secret to Enhancing your Freelance Writing Career

Are You A Freelance Writer? Read the Ultimate Secret to Enhancing your Freelance Writing Career

The path to a profitable freelance writing career is paved with trials and tribulations. One of the most difficult challenges that a freelance writer has to overcome is finding – and getting – a high-paying writing gig. Due to the competitive nature of freelance writing, seldom do writers get a job that pays good money. As a result, some are forced to take up low-paying jobs in order to work their way up until they find a more profitable writing job. If you’re one of these writers, it’s time to stop getting gigs that have low payouts and get a [Read more…]

Writers, Do You Take Care of Yourself?

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Working from home was my dream job, and it still is. I am living my dream, and it allows me to earn a decent living. It’s not always easy, but it’s even better than I had expected. Then recently, it was brought to my attention that I haven’t been taking care of myself the way I used to. It took me a while to accept and understand that, but here I am writing about work at home writers taking care of themselves. I’m writing this post for two reasons: to ask what you do to take care of yourself so [Read more…]

The No-Brainer Correlations Between Blogging and Social Media

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Editor’s note: This post was written by Aby League, a qualitative researcher and a passionate writer. She is an innovator and technology enthusiast. She has been writing about health, psychology, home improvement and technology. You can see more of her articles on Elite Daily. To know her more, follow @abyleague on Twitter. Today, blogs and social media platforms are doing wonders for the business community. They allow businesses to promote their brands across large audiences, as well as help them build brand identity and trust among customers. However, for this approach to be successful, business owners and/or freelance writers like you must learn [Read more…]

Horrific Experiences Freelance Writers Can Expect to Encounter

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In the spirit of the Halloween season, talking about some of the horrific experiences of freelance writers – in other words, our horror stories. Difficult clients, scope creeps, non-paying clients, scammers, and technical issues are just some of them. Source Scope creeps Jodee recently wrote about scope creeps and how to deal with them. She explains that when you “start working on a project that you think is going to encompass one set of parameters and then what is expected of you starts growing beyond your original understanding”, you’re probably working with a scope creep. We actually got feedback from [Read more…]

4 Unusual but Effective Ways to Work Smarter

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As freelance writers, we all work hard. We may even work longer hours than we did when we had a desk job. Does this mean we’re working smartly? Does this mean we’re getting more work done? Source Not necessarily. If you feel drained all the time and find yourself dreading work, maybe it’s time to assess how you do things. To help you with that, consider these ways to work smarter. They may seem unusual, but they certainly are effective. 1. Make a “to don’t” list. A “to do” list is imperative for me. I can’t work without one. Perhaps [Read more…]

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