Catch Writing Mistakes More Easily With Grammarly


We all make mistakes and typos, but that’s what proofreading is for, right? There’s also Word – or whatever software you use to create documents – which has spell check built in. However, we know quite well how Word misses a lot of mistakes, especially when it comes to more complicated syntax. Also, Word is […]

Greeting Card Writing Tips

greeting card writing tips

I’d like to think that freelance writers are some of the most versatile creatives out there. Most of us can write about a variety of topics, use different styles, and reach out to various audiences. Source One interesting market for freelance writers, which challenges one’s creativity more than usual is the greeting card market. If […]

Ways to Get in the Writing Zone

get in the writing zone

Source Writing for a living is not as easy as others would think, is it? Whether you’re writing your novel, or you’re writing articles and blog posts for clients, there are periods when you just can’t seem to focus. There are those times, however, when you get in the writing zone, and you seem to […]

How Did You Start Your Freelance Writing Career?

start your freelance writing career

I was browsing Reddit earlier, when I found a thread titled “What was your first paid freelance gig?”. There were quite a few interesting answers, and it got me thinking about my own experience. Source Today, I’m going to turn things over to you and ask you to share your own experience: how did you […]

The 11 Best Android Apps for Freelance Writers


One of the benefits of working as a freelance writer is that your workplace is not limited to a specific location. As long as you have your Android phone charged, there are plenty of work-related functions you can perform while you are away from your usual desk. Use it to work on projects, track projects, […]

There’s a New Kid in the Freelance Writing Block: LolWot

lolwot writing platform

LOL, what? All kidding aside, LolWot may very well be the solution to remove a huge degree of uncertainty in your freelance writing career. Uncertainty in terms of work and income is one of the biggest issues freelancers face. That is why we’ve talked about topics like getting new gigs even if you already have […]

Pro Tip for the Week: Procrastinate Productively

procrastinate productively

I bet I got you at “procrastinate”, didn’t I? All of us procrastinate – some more than others. I do think you’ll agree that procrastination seems to be most tempting when there’s a deadline looming, yes? Source Now, what if we could turn procrastination into something that will work for us in terms of writing? […]

From the Writer’s Perspective: How to Get In on the SEO Scene


Freelance writing has lately been turning into writing to improve a company’s SEO. Although this may not be your specialty or your ultimate goal as a writer, it’s a good way to make ends meet in the meantime, and it’s where you’ll find a lot of freelancing gigs. This means that understanding and breaking into […]