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5 Writers Who Have Been Imprisoned

writers who have been imprisoned

There is no great genius without a mixture of madness. ~Aristotle Some of the best writers – literary geniuses, even – have more than their fair share of mischief and periods of madness. While some were able to get off with nary a scratch (figuratively and literally speaking) – thanks to either their criminal lawyer or their specific circumstances, others have had to serve time in jail. Here are some of the most popular writers who have been imprisoned. You might be surprised – or not. St. Thomas More Source Known best for his book “Utopia”, which he wrote in [Read more…]

From the Writer’s Perspective: How to Get In on the SEO Scene

From the Writer's Perspective: How to Get In on the SEO Scene

Freelance writing has lately been turning into writing to improve a company’s SEO. Although this may not be your specialty or your ultimate goal as a writer, it’s a good way to make ends meet in the meantime, and it’s where you’ll find a lot of freelancing gigs. This means that understanding and breaking into the SEO industry might help you land these types of jobs. Although SEO is a fairly new concept when it comes to writing content, it’s something that many writers today are having to scramble to understand; especially if they were trained in other areas. Writers [Read more…]

Tips to Handle Work Overflow

work overflow

Finding freelance writing jobs is not the easiest of activities. You’ll probably attest to that. This is why we have those periods when we can barely make ends meet in spite of scouring websites for jobs. Whether you check our daily listings of freelance writing jobs, look for jobs on this website or do Google searches using the keyword “freelance writing jobs” and all its variations, there are times when you won’t have as much work as you need. Then there are those times when you bite off more than you can chew. It happens to the best of us [Read more…]

7 Tips for Making your Writing More Engaging

7 Tips for Making your Writing More Engaging

As a writer, one of your most important jobs is to grab your reader’s attention and pull them into your blog post or article. You want to get the reader excited about what they are going to find when they delve into your words. Keep in mind that you are competing against scores of other material that is also promising to give “your” reader the same type of exciting, informative and helpful information. You have to take steps to make your writing more engaging than another person’s material on a similar topic.

5 Tips For Managing Your Guest Post Aftermath

Guest post aftermath

Editor’s note: This post was writte by Steve Aedy, who writes as a ghost blogger and works as a writing expert at He writes a lot and likes to help bloggers with both writing content and reaching bigger audience. Also Steve is really good at editing and adores writing essays. You can contact him on Google+. If you’ve managed to get your first guest post published, congratulations! But don’t sit back on your laurels just yet. Oh, no. The work’s only just begun… Guest posting on the big, influential blogs in your niche has several benefits: You can use it [Read more…]

How to Make Your Freelance Life Easier

freelance life easier

Freelance and contract work has proven to be a viable job alternative for employees. However, not everyone is sold with the idea of telecommuting or working with a remote staff. According to the statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor compiled in 2012, work offered to freelancers and contractors are expected to increase only by 3% within the next 10 years , which is considered slower than average. While freelancers can enjoy benefits that will make employees envious ,the problem lies in the inability of employers to find freelancers for their companies. Among the companies surveyed by Tower Lane Consulting: 37% [Read more…]

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