When a Freelance Writing Job Doesn’t Pay

There is perhaps no other topic in the freelance writing world that generates more controversy than the concept of writers writing for free. Bring it up and lines in invisible sand are drawn, commenting spikes and in the case of Harlan Ellison, a few F-bombs are dropped. It’s understandable. Shady publishers and editors prey on […]

Writing for Free or for a Low Pay – Don’t Let Anyone Else Judge You


I’ve been told that an ongoing debate that can get quite ugly on this site relates to whether or not people should take writing opportunities that are unpaid or offer a very low payment. Let me preface my opinion on this topic by saying I don’t think anyone should judge why another person takes one […]

The Dark Side of Freelance Writing: When Clients Don’t Pay

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We often talk of the benefits of freelance writing, extolling on its flexibility and comfort. Something we don’t cover enough is what I call the “dark side”  of freelance writing including scammers and non payers. One thing I learned over the years is how so many freelancers are embarrassed after being “stiffed” and don’t want […]

Setting a Freelance Writing Rate Equal to the Task


Today’s freelance writing clients are looking for a lot more bang for their buck, especially those looking for web writing.  Many aren’t looking for a mere writer, they want someone who uses SEO, builds traffic, moderates and responds to comments and more.  Before accepting a project and setting a rate, always find out what the […]

What’s the Point in Having a Freelance Writing Business if Not to Make a Profit?


I’m noticing an interesting trend with each new crop of freelance writers.  They’re earning money but they have no clue if they’re pulling a profit. They’re making ends meet, but they don’t necessarily have money to put away. Many don’t even factor in taxes or overhead which can be a rude awakening during tax time. […]

5 Things to Consider When Discussing Rates with Other Freelance Writers

Jodee Remond featured a thought-provoking discussion the other day in her post “Do You Want to Hear About What Other Freelance Writers Are Making.” In this post, Jodee discussed whether or not freelancers should disclose their income to other freelancers. Many freelance writers are very interested in what others earn, so much so that some […]

5 Suggestions for Moving Away from the Easy Gigs to the More Lucrative Freelance Opportunities


Regardless of how you feel about low pay vs. high pay, you can’t deny there are plenty of “easy” writing gigs out there. I call them “easy” because they’re easy to land, easy to write and they pay like clockwork. After time, we have to make a decision: Do we stick with the easy gigs […]

A Lower Bid vs. Selling Yourself Short

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Last week I posted a job ad for a business looking to start a website from scratch. He laid out a flat fee of $5,000 for the project. Now, I can’t speak for him but I’m assuming he received a good response. He offered a fair wage for his project and I almost considered applying […]