Reading to Pitch

A query isn’t just about developing a good idea and sending it to the right person, a query is designed to show your idea meets the publication’s needs and reader demographic. Before pitching a publication, a writer has to do one very important thing – read the publication. You wouldn’t believe how many writers skip that part and wonder why their idea was rejected. Once you’ve read the publication, go back and read it again. Most experts suggest reading six months worth of information. At the very least, look at the last three months. This will help you determine four [Read more…]

40 More Freelance Writing Markets Paying $100 or More

Our list of freelance writing markets paying over $100 per article was such a success, I thought I’d research a few more for you. These freelance writing markets are all current, and , if I could, I added a link to their guidelines page. If no link or online guidelines were found, I added whatever information I could gather so you at least have a place to begin with contacting the editors for current guidelines and submission policies. May 2010 be the year you prosper and profit! Unless linked to full guidelines, please contact the publication directly for complete guidelines [Read more…]

5 Things to Do Before You Query

Last week’s post “6 Tips for Finding New Freelance Writing Markets” received a comment worth mentioning. Though I was brief in my roundup, the commenter Robert Earle Howells offered some good reminders: These are all ways to troll, and they’re good. You can find great titles and get inspired. But remember, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to pitch them. One issue of a magazine, or even writer guidelines (which are often outdated), or a WM listing (ditto), can’t prepare you for a decent query. You need to look at the archives. You need to find the name and e-mail address [Read more…]

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