5 Seminars to Visit if You Plan to Take Your Freelancing Career to the Next Level

Freelancing in any niche is a tough task, requiring you to play the roles of boss, employee, client hunter, marketer, and motivator each and every day, a workload much more demanding than many more traditional jobs! Being successful and moving upwards may be tough, but it’s entirely possible; you’ll just need to stay on the […]

International Mom Freelance Bloggers Meetups

As a mother and blogger, you’ve got a full plate, juggling more in the way of demands than any corporate position entails as you work to please your children and your readers, all at the same time. Given the extreme importance of your dual positions, whether you blog for fun or for business, you’ve got […]

Freelance Writers and Typo Paranoia


The freelance writing community is getting a little paranoid. I find I can’t hold a casual online conversation with someone without that person apologizing for typos or errors. It’s getting a little silly. Excellent writers are posting thought provoking comments on blogs and in forums,  and then turn around and post again apologizing for typos […]

Why I Don’t Want to Be Number One Anymore


Being the top blog for freelance writers used to mean a lot to me and I worked very hard to achieve that goal. I wasn’t necessarily working to become number one, being a success was more important than being the top blogger in this very crowded niche. So I worked hard to be a success […]

Freelance Writing Communities: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Join


< Many of us belong to at least one freelance writing community. We enjoy the camaraderie and look forward to sharing tips and asking questions. I credit much of my success to social networks and freelance writing communities. Thanks to the generosity of other freelancers I received tips on leads, referrals and there were even […]

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Blogs and Blogging

blog 3

Deb’s note: This is part three in our “Freelance Writer’s Guide to Social Media Series.”  Also see: The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Twitter and a Freelance Writer’s Guide to Facebook…and stay tuned for the accompanying ebook. It almost seems as if everyone who writes for a living has a blog about writing, doesn’t it? That’s […]

Building a Blog vs. Building Trust

Domino effect

I spent a lot of time between last night and now thinking about trust and how we trust certain authors, bloggers, writers and online personalities. It’s easy to build a blog, it’s not easy to build trust. When someone you trust to present accurate information edits information to serve her puproses or otherwise does something […]