The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Facebook
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When my social media clients ask me the difference between Facebook and Twitter, I tell them it’s all about communication; Facebook is  the extended family picnic while Twitter is a rock concert. Both Twitter and Facebook are important networking tools, tools to use to build relationships online, while knocking them out of the ballpark by taking them offline. To be honest, I was reluctant to embrace Facebook. I wondered if it was a more grownup version of MySpace except not as spammy. To my delight, Facebook continues to evolve for the better. Many people use it as a place for [Read more…]

The Importance of Networking – With the “Competition”

I spend at least an hour each day visiting an assortment of freelance writing blogs. I find it important to network and show support for the bloggers and blog readers in the freelance writing community – and even other communities. Though I know there are some people who feel other bloggers are competing against each other, I don’t find this to be the case at all. I harbor no animosity or bad will towards other freelance writing bloggers, and I hope they all do well. To me, the Internet is like one big networking event except without the catering. (Hopefully [Read more…]

Building a Blog vs. Building Trust
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I spent a lot of time between last night and now thinking about trust and how we trust certain authors, bloggers, writers and online personalities. It’s easy to build a blog, it’s not easy to build trust. When someone you trust to present accurate information edits information to serve her puproses or otherwise does something to betray that trust, it’s like a knife in the back to that blog’s community. As bloggers we can write anything we want, really. Sure now we have to throw in some disclaimers, but the sky is the limit. We can trash people on our [Read more…]

Online Freelance Writing Communities: Why You Should Join and What to Avoid

I’ve been a member of various online freelance writing communities for close to ten years now. They were especially helpful when I was learning about freelancing. The  freelance writing community is so helpful and I learned so much. In return I was eventually able to share what I learned with the members of this community. Why should you participate in online freelance writing communities? Learn about the business of writing – Veteran freelance writers share business tips, tax tips and customer service advice. Learn who is hiring – If a person or place is hiring, your fellow freelance writers are [Read more…]

Who’s Going to BlogWorld?

I’m attending the BlogWorld and New Media Expo for the third year in a row. The first year I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I’m sort of shy when it comes to meeting people and BlogWorld ’07 was the first time I traveled alone. I didn’t know what to expect or even if it was a good idea, I only knew that I wanted to meet other bloggers. I needn’t have worried. BlogWorld turned out to be an important event and career boost. I met many of my bloggy idols, potential clients and people who I now [Read more…]

More Ways to Interact with the FWJ Community
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Many people have written in to ask when we’re going to put the forum back up. Sadly, that was lost in the great server crash of 2009. However, we’re working on a new and improved forum, one that should be up shortly. In the mean time, stop by our Freelance Writing Jobs social network on Ning. We started it several months ago as a way for the community to interact beyond the usual comment fodder. I also started a Facebook page today. We hope you’ll get involved there as well. Thanks for being a part of the FWJ community. Even [Read more…]

Controversy vs. Community

All this talk about community has me thinking… Every time there’s a discussion regarding rates, content sites, web vs. print or another topic one can consider controversial, comments go through the roof. Some are respectful, others aren’t. While I do try to delete the most harmful and abusive comments, it’s true many people simply enjoy a good argument. I also notice other blogs benefit from the same controversy by jumping into the action, sometimes in hopes of gaining traffic by adding their own fuel to the fire. Suddenly their own blog comments, which usually range in the 0 to 7 [Read more…]

What is Community and Why is it Important?

After reading James Chartrand’s post “Screw Community,” I’m inclined to put up a “What is Community?” post. I’ve defined community and its importance many times at Kommein, but that’s a whole different niche and a whole different, well, community. So I decided to bring it up here as well. In James’ post, he rants about bloggers who throw out the community buzzword whenever they need a favor or free stuff. I can relate. I receive requests every day from bloggers who want me to write for free, oh I mean provide a guest post. They feel we’re all part of [Read more…]

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