Freelancers Union Fighting Health Reform Mandates Despite Federal Grants


Several provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or “Obamacare”) were supposed to commence on January 1, but were delayed by the White House until the beginning of 2015. But the provision requiring all Americans, including freelance writers, to be covered by some kind of health insurance remains on schedule for next year. A survey […]

Magazine Editor Steals Article, Admits It, Asks for Payment

I couldn’t resist it. The Gawker article or the pun in my subheading. Normally, I ignore the good old writer vs editor vs Twitter and Facebook trolls vs media snapshot thing. Or I read it, giggle, and move on with my real work. Today I couldn’t walk away from the trainwreck.  The editor for Cooks […]

Quality Standards for Online Content

So, the Internet Content Syndication Council is concerned about the allegedly abysmal quality of mass-produced articles flying out of the content mills.  They’re so disturbed by the practices and output of the mills that they’re working on a series of quality standards and have discussed the possibility of certifying “legitimate” content. I can think of […]

How the iPad Might Help Freelance Writers


Everyone knows the print magazine industry is struggling with publications shutting their doors one after the other.  Many freelance writers depended on income from print magazines for many years before digital content usurped the print publishing industry.  What’s a freelancer to do when print publications are reducing the amount of articles they freelance and paying […]