A Guide to Part Time Working in Retirement

Looking back just a few decades, by the time most of us reached the state-designated retirement age, we were more than ready to put our feet up and relax with a cup of tea. Today, however, we’re more active, healthy and raring to go than ever before, and we’re not quite ready to hang up […]

How to Deal with Late Paying Clients


The freelance world can be a bit difficult from time to time. You spend hours seeking out jobs and writing the perfect articles, but what happens if you don’t get paid? It can be stomach turning for the end of the payday to arrive and not have received payment. While you may get angry, or […]

5 Tips for Handling Client Complaints Gracefully

One of the most terrifying parts of being a freelance writer is the notion that at any point, a client could call, IM or email you and say something alone the lines of, “This is completely not what I want. Change it immediately.” This is especially scary if you’ve just paid all your bills and […]


I used to co-blog at Kommein, a blog for community managers. It was my place to talk about social media, especially community management. The problem was, FWJ became too big for me to manage on a part time basis and most of my personal projects fell to the wayside as I worked hard to grow […]

“How Much Money Does Deb Ng Make”

How much money does deb ng make

Hah! Caught your attention, didn’t I? The title of this blog post is also a search term recently used by someone landing on this site.  This isn’t the first time someone has publicly wondered how much I earn, either.  The truth is, it’s none of your business. When you’re a professional blogger or person who […]

10 Things That are Inevitable this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only two days away and the inevitable Thanksgiving happenings are, well, happening. These are the things you can expect every year, whether you like them or not. They’re traditions even though many of them aren’t on the family schedule. Let’s go off topic for a while to explore the the things we can […]