Freelance Writing: The Lazy Need Not Apply


I have a gripe. Almost every week another friend or relative comes out of the woodwork to ask me for help in getting started as a freelance writer. Most of them have never aspired to write, or even enjoy it, but they’re out of work or want to work at home. They see freelance writing […]

Brainstorming Technique #2 Freewriting

Freewriting. It sounds like a cool, pill induced experience, but it is actually a perfectly normal way to get all your ideas on paper without stopping to edit or organize. Freewriting is simply writing without stopping. This technique is actually a great way to start the writing process before you move on to outlines. It […]

Demand Studios Donates 16,072 Books to Needy Children

In October, Yury Polnar, Demand Studios’ Marketing Acquisitions Manager, and I sat down for breakfast at the Las Vegas Hilton to relax with a cup of coffee before BlogWorld. While we were chatting, Yury expressed his desire for Demand Studios to use their celebrity for good and help a children’s charity. At that time, there […]

More Thoughts On Writing for Free, Guest Blogging, and Marketing Opportunities


I’ve been thinking about guest blogging a lot lately. Not a day goes by when I don’t receive emails asking about guest blogging opportunities at the Freelance Writing Jobs network. As you know, I don’t actively solicit guest bloggers for FWJ anymore because I feel it’s akin to soliciting free work. Instead, I look for […]

5 Options for Avoiding PayPal Fees & Keeping All Your Freelance Writing Pay


I just contacted several of my clients and advertisers and asked if they could pay me by check or direct deposit rather than PayPal. PayPal is convenient, but the fees are killing me. Though they’re tax deductible, I paid about $2000 in PayPal fees in 2009. I’d much rather have that money in the bank. […]

What’s the Point in Having a Freelance Writing Business if Not to Make a Profit?


I’m noticing an interesting trend with each new crop of freelance writers.  They’re earning money but they have no clue if they’re pulling a profit. They’re making ends meet, but they don’t necessarily have money to put away. Many don’t even factor in taxes or overhead which can be a rude awakening during tax time. […]

3 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your Freelance Writing Work


Credit where it’s due: At Freelance Folder yesterday Laura Spencer wondered if it was OK to fake it with our freelance writing. Should we accept projects we know nothing about and risk not giving in our best work to our clients. In the ensuing comment discussions many writers suggested outsourcing the projects outside the realm […]

Why It’s a Good Idea to Check the Freelance Writing Job Boards Every Day Even If You’re Not Looking for Work

I’m not actively seeking freelance writing work. I have a couple of clients and this blog to keep me busy. For the most part, I don’t apply for a gig or send a query unless I find something that truly piques my interest. Still, I check the job boards every single day. Even if I’m […]

The Writing Process: 5 Steps from Start to Finish

alphabet blocks

A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, I threw out a very simple question, “what shall I write about?” I received  a variety of comments ranging from donuts to my own awesomeness, both of which are excellent topics, but I’m pretty sure they’re not what you’re looking for here. The truth is, it can be […]