Shocking Tales of Unexpected Success

Tell your story.

Oh, and just to encourage participation, I’ll tack on a prize. The best story wins a free copy of The Concert for Bangladesh on DVD. You get Harrison, Clapton, Preston, Dylan and even Ringo in their full bearded 1971 glory!

An Interview with Dan Schawbel – Author of Me 2.0


I was fortunate enough to have international best selling author and personal branding expert, Dan Schawbel, write the forward for my book that’s coming out next month, 30-Minute Social Media Marketing.  The second edition of Dan’s incredibly popular book, Me 2.0, comes out this week.  You can read his bio at the end of this […]

From a Man with a Pen to a Lady with a LapTop: An Inteview with Deb Dorchak a/k/a Harrison McLeod

Sirius Graphix

Deb’s note: To be clear, I am not taking sides. Both “James” and “Harry” are my friends and I hope this will be the case for a long time to come. As the quiet partner behind Men with Pens, I found Harrison McLeod intriguing. While James Chartand was clearly the outspoken leader, the mystery behind […]

FWJ Interview: Jenna Glatzer

Jenna Glatzer

Jenna Glatzer‘s book, Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer: How to Win Top Writing Assignments was the first book I read while contemplating my decision to seek higher paying freelance writing opportunities. In fact, I credit Jenna’s book as giving me the inspiration and motivation to take a deep breath and begin querying […]