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Your Turn: Is it Ethical to Vent Your Personal Feelings On a Client’s Blog?

Your Turn: Is it Ethical to Vent Your Personal Feelings On a Client's Blog?

Here’s the scenario: Your client hires you to post several times a week or a month regarding a particular topic. Though the client expects your personality to shine through, you give him a bit more than he bargained for. You take barbs at people you don’t like, add your personal view to what is to be a neutral post and go off on rants that are more representative of you than the topic. Is this ethical? So, here’s the next “Your Turn” question. There’s a difference between personality and personal feelings…when you’re blogging for a client is it ethical to [Read more…]

Your Turn: What or Who is Your Dream Client?

I’m turning the discussion over to you today as I attend to urgent business. Let’s talk about your clients. We often talk about demanding or difficult clients, but have you ever had a dream client? How do you define a “dream client?” For me, a dream client is someone who doesn’t micromanage but keeps the lines of communication open. It’s someone who is detailed about what he wants but doesn’t nitpick. It’s someone who pays a fair wage and knows quality writing commands quality pay. It’s someone who gives credit where it’s due and pays on time. Your turn: Define [Read more…]

Freelance Writers and Bloggers: Are You Backing Up Your Stuff?

The Freelance Writing Jobs blog you see here isn’t exactly complete. There are three different times I lost a bunch of blog posts. The first time was in 2007 when we lost more than a few posts after switching from Blogger to WordPress. We also lost several months of posts after the great server crash of 2008, and we lost a few posts after a crash in 2009. During the 2009 crash, though, we were able to rescue the posts thanks to our feeds and Google caches. The other times, they were lost in the abyss. These things happen. The [Read more…]

Your Turn: Are You Busier as a Freelance Writer?

Sometimes I wonder if I’m busier as a freelance writer. Balancing several clients and maintaining this blog is only a small portion of what I do during day as I also have a family. With a 9 to 5 job, I left work, came home and that was it. Now the work is always here. Even if I have no client projects there are blog posts and pages for my books to write and other ideas to put  into action. Really, there’s nothing I would rather do. I don’t want to retire or cut down my workload, because I enjoy [Read more…]

Your Turn: Where Do YOU Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

Your Turn: Where Do YOU Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

I often talk about how I find freelance writing jobs, but one thing we don’t really discuss is where YOU find freelance writing jobs. I know most members of this community come to the job lists here and at other blogs and websites. However, I was wndering… do you do anything else to find work? Do you: Attend networking events? Attend conferences? Cold call? Wait for clients to call you? Work primarily via word of mouth recommendations? Find clients via the social networks? My assumption has always been that the Freelance Writing Jobs network community uses mostly online tools to [Read more…]

Your Turn: Freelance Writing Job Ad Frustrations

Your Turn: Freelance Writing Job Ad Frustrations

Every day after we post our lists of freelance writing job leads blog , members of the FWJ community discuss the job hunt. We talk about scams, dream gigs and  frustrations with the folks who place the ads.Which brings us to today’s open forum. I’m frustrated by vague ads giving no information about the job and potential clients who feel they know how long a gig should take. I’m frustrated with the guys who want to pay $3 per article for 300 articles each week. I’m especially frustrated by the content sites that use RSS feeds to place their job [Read more…]

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