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Famous Writers and Their “Opposite Habits”

famous writers habits

They say that writers are creatures of habit, and while that may be a generalization, there is certainly some truth to that. We do know that some of the most famous writers have their own quirky habits. Mark Twain liked to write lying down. Ernest Hemingway liked it the other way round – standing up. J.D. Salinger wrote naked. You probably have your own weird habit, which you may or may not want everyone to know. (Don’t worry, we can keep a secret.) Here’s a fun infographic about famous writers and their “opposite habits”. I say opposite because it compares [Read more…]

How Well Do You Know Your Writers? [Quiz]

How Well Do You Know Your Writers? [Quiz]

We all love quotes. They either make us laugh, or they give us inspiration. Let’s have a little fun today with this quiz. Match the quote with the writer, and see how you stack up.

What Type of Freelance Writing Gig Suits You Best?

What Type of Freelance Writing Gig Suits You Best?

What freelance writing gigs do you take on? Are they the best fit for you? Take this quiz and find out.

Promote Your Freelancing Business with Decals from Coffee Shop Freelancers [Giveaway]

Promote Your Freelancing Business with Decals from Coffee Shop Freelancers [Giveaway]

Let’s face it. Freelance writing is a business, especially if you do it full-time. That means you need to deal with all the aspects of running a business, just like every other company – big or small – does. Depending on your location, this may include: Registering a business name and getting a business permit. Keeping track of expenses and income. Filing taxes, which entails knowing what laws apply and what deductions you can make. Promoting your business. Regarding the last point, there are various ways you can promote your business – blogging, content marketing, social media marketing, and having [Read more…]

All a Freelance Writer Wants for Christmas Is…

freelance writers christmas wishlist

…a list of things. In about a week, we’ll be celebrating the biggest holiday of the year, and the frenzy is at its highest. I don’t even dare go out these days due to the heavy traffic and hordes of shoppers in the malls. But one can wish for gifts this Christmas, right? Source I was thinking about the past year in terms of freelance writing as a career, and I thought it would be fun to make a freelance writer’s Christmas wishlist. More work. Because it keeps me busy and have an excuse not to do other things I [Read more…]

Dress up as a Famous Writer This Halloween

famous writers halloween

Are you skipping Halloween this year? Or are you all revved up for the revelry, dressing up, all the things that come with this holiday? If you belong to the latter group, then here is a great idea for your costume: dress up as a famous writer! Even though Halloween is only a day away, and you might have a costume already, these costume ideas are just too cool not to put to use. One or two might be a little horrifying, but in general, the costume ideas are great; and while some people might not know who you are, [Read more…]

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