Freelancing in Real Life

As I’ve mentioned a few times now, and will probably continue to mention until the novelty of a new baby wears off, I just had my second child.  Obviously, I had a little advanced warning that this major disruption would be happening to my schedule.  All of my clients were put on notice… After all, I was planning to take the month of October off, with only this blog to “worry” about.  So, everyone else was told that I’d do as much as I could for them, up to the last possible moment, but that I was off limits as [Read more…]

Medium Large

While it probably comes as no big surprise to any of you, I haven’t had as much free time as usual lately to surf the Internet collecting the URLs of things that make me LOL.  It’s not really the new baby as much as it is the toddler I already had.  The new one seems to actually grasp the concept of sleeping, something her big sister still resists on a daily basis.  Perhaps that’s why I’m actually in the office, 15 days after giving birth, with the newest family member sleeping in the car seat next to my desk. I [Read more…]

Don't Freelance

My darling husband sent me a link today, and all I could make out from the URL was “stuff no one told me” and “don’t freelance.” “Uh-oh,” I thought.  “He’s finally decided he’s had enough of this being in business for myself thing and is trying to build a case against it.”  (I’m very glass-is-half-empty here in the last week or so of this pregnancy.)  Instead, he had found a really funny couple of cartoons that I think many of you will relate to all too well. It’s by Alex Noriega at Stuff No One Told Me, and I highly [Read more…]

That Whole "How to Write Good" Thing

I’ve seen this type of thing in several different places. Back when I was still wondering what the heck the Internet had to offer other than hard-to-follow chat rooms, I found a printed version of it in a souvenir shop and bought it for my English major friend. Some years later, I was forwarding different iterations via email. (Yeah, the Internet was getting a little more relevant at that point.) Now, here I am: a professional blogger, and I’ve found a whole new way to make people read this stuff. By the way, I found this compilation at I’m [Read more…]

Grammar Jokes

So, I’m always on the lookout for “writerly” jokes. Yes, I know that “writerly” is not a word, but I use it on a regular basis nonetheless. It’s my favorite non-existing adjective, in fact. I like to fancy myself as a Picasso of the English language. Now that I have a fairly thorough understanding of the proper use of words, punctuation, etc, it’s safe for me to experiment and add my own touches and flourishes. Or an extra nose or something. (Just had to reincorporate that whole “Picasso” comment.) Anyway, I found some new writerly jokes, and this was my [Read more…]

So, a Writer Walks Into a Bar…

OK, it’s not exactly that, but it’s a good one. I mentioned some time ago that I wanted to gather up some jokes for/about writers. I found this one today and thought it was pretty freaking funny. After centuries of us constantly getting it wrong, the “powers that be” gave one of our fellow writers an all access pass to heaven and hell. He decided to take a quick tour before really getting down to the nitty-gritty narrative description. First up was hell. The demon in charge took him to see where they kept the writers whose bad behavior landed [Read more…]

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