Signs of the Times

Since starting this blog, I have finally found a way to vent my ongoing frustrations of misspelled and mispunctuated signs.  It seems like they’re everywhere.  In fact, did you know that an apostrophe that is incorrectly used to pluralize a word actually has a name?  It’s often referred to as a “grocer’s apostrophe” because they’re so common on hand-made signs at markets. It turns out that I’m not the only one who is keeping tabs on these things.  Here is a huge section of a website dedicated to just such grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. The best, though, is the [Read more…]

Speling is for Loosers

I used to work for a hypnosis clinic. Snigger all you want, it was actually kind of cool. Wait, the job wasn’t cool. The job was HORRIBLE, but the premise was pretty cool. And some of the clients were, too. Most of them came to our clinic to lose weight, and I could never get past the fact that the REGIONAL MANAGER always spelled it “loose.” She also once sent out a memo that said “an other words,” instead of “in other words,” and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. Anyway, it turns out that I’m not the [Read more…]


Right, we are now inspired to produce scribblings of the finest prose so we must get to the keyboard and begin. We’ve finished the school run and kissed our partners farewell until the evening so we have the rest of follow our inspiration wherever they may lead us. The day lies before us like a glorious canvas and we have many vivid colours to spray around like Jackson Pollock on a particularly inspired day. Let’s get going! 0910 – Well, whilst I make for the computer to boot we may as well open the post whilst I wait for the [Read more…]

What Would You Do If You Became a Famous Writer

Yesterday I shared a little video about the “Imaginary Publishing Process,” as well as an anecdote about how it was so relevant to my life because…um…I know someone going through the process.  Well, here’s another one by the same folks that is probably even less likely to pertain to me, but is still really funny. I particularly like #4. If I did become a famous author, though, I think my first order of business would be to attach that title directly to my name.  You know, like how once someone has won an Oscar, they are forever known as Academy [Read more…]

Getting Published is Soooo Easy

I’m currently cheerleading from the sidelines as my business partner goes about trying to get her first novel published. Shoot. I’d better call her and make sure it’s ok for me to out her as a romance junkie… Thumbs up from the soon-to-be-famous Tamara Morgan. Where was I? Oh, yes. Tamara took some time out last November to pen her first romance novel during NaNoWriMo. I was quite impressed by her stick-to-it-ive-ness as she wrote in fits and bursts, as well as the occasional overly-wrought dry spell. I was supportive and encouraging and didn’t even laugh at her when she [Read more…]

Yes, I Am That Much of a Word Nerd

As a writer, I have to admit that I do occasionally take myself far too seriously.  My business partner and I have been known to refer to ourselves as “wordsmiths” without even cracking a grin.  There’s another blogger out there who likes disparagingly refer to us as “ar-TEESTs,” and we don’t really argue the point. So, it should come as no great surprise that I am a pushover for a good play on words.  Throw a well-crafted pun my way, and you’ll find yourself going up considerably in my esteem.  (Not that those things matter to you, of course, I’m [Read more…]


I’ve mentioned before that I’m often up late at night working on projects. While I generally don’t like to have any distractions when I write, there are other aspects of running a freelance agency that require time, but let’s just say I they’re not rocket surgery. In other words, they don’t take 100% concentration. These tasks are often accompanied by a phone call to my mom in Florida, some Facebook browsing, or late-night viewings of whatever’s been stored up on the DVR. Lately, I’ve been getting caught up on the A&E show Obsessed. While I’ve watched nearly every episode in [Read more…]

Do You Earn a Full-Time Income from Home?

I’m writing today because of a comment left here by Carol Tice. First of all, I’d like to thank her and everyone else who has been commenting on and Tweeting my posts, as my self-esteem and self-worth are directly related to these things. Carol wrote (albeit, to Deb) in response to The Glamorous Life of the Freelance Writer: “I think you need to raise your rates…you’re always blogging about your insanely long hours. I have 3 kids and I work about 30 hours a week and make a very fulltime living, mostly just during their school hours. Remember, one day [Read more…]

Where does Inspiration come from?

OK, so now you have your ambition and a clear idea of what you want to write and why you want to write it. You also have in mind what that success is going to look like; be it money, prestige, intellectual plaudits or even becoming attractive, you know know what it is you want. And now you want your writing to take you there. So, you sit at your keyboard with an expectant grin and and a heart full of hope and you begin typing. Then you stop. Then you start again for a while and then you stop again. [Read more…]

The Glamorous Life of the Freelance Writer

Let me set the scene for you: It’s currently 12:48 a.m. I’m sitting in a dark living room with the ‘80s Hits station playing retro music, a sleeping baby on the couch next to me, and I’m hunched over a glowing computer screen working on what had better be my final project of the day. When I started freelancing, I was excited about all the new possibilities my chosen profession was sure to bring. While I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t be glamorous, I somehow didn’t envision listening to The Cutting Crew singing “(I Just) Died in Your Arms” [Read more…]

They're Talking About You Over There

I actually only “allow” one of my clients to be my friend on Facebook. I mean, I’m happy to have them follow me on Twitter (@berrybrewer, by the way) or to read this blog, but I tend to hold to the idea that Facebook friends should be, well, friends. I do have one exception, however. I’d like to say that it’s because this particular client is so awesome (he totally is, for your information) or because he was one of my first clients ever and so I made special dispensation, but the fact of the matter is that we friended [Read more…]

Big Brother Is Totally Watching You

My mom is a little suspicious of modern technology. In fact, she won’t use a loyalty card at the grocery store because she doesn’t want “them” to know what she’s buying. I have to admit, it is a little creepy when the cash register prints out coupons that are specifically geared to whatever the algorithm tells it you might want based on your current purchase of peach yogurt, motor oil, Scotch tape, six miniature bagels, and a greeting card. It does remind you that Big Brother is indeed watching. A whole bunch of Kindle owners felt Big Brother’s gaze fall [Read more…]

What Are Your Ambitions?

Can you remember the point in your life when you thought, “I want to make a living from writing”? Whether it be paid blogger, an article writer, a journalist, a novelist or screenplay writer; was there an actual clear as a bell lightning strike from the creative heavens? It’s difficult not romanticise yourself gently placing down your finished copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ and staring off toward the setting sun, breathing the words, “I hear your words Mr Fitzgerald and I answer your call. I will take up your mantle and write the next great American novel.” When your realisations [Read more…]

Freelance Friday Quote

Ah, the joy of working with editors: “I handed in a script last year and the studio didn’t change one word. The word they didn’t change was on page 87.” -Steve Martin

Worst. Client. Ever.

We’ve all had those incredibly picky clients, right? I warned you before that I’d be whining about my guy in Arkansas who seems to think I should just be able to read his mind when I work on his projects. I tried to “fire” him one time, saying (very cleverly, I thought) that we seem to have different communication styles and that I really wanted his project to turn out well, so maybe a different writer might be in order. I will admit that this is after I had already cried, kicked, and screamed in my office two separate times [Read more…]

Freelance Friday Quote

Why is reality always such a paradox? “The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.” -Tom Clancy

Google Stuff with Bing

When you have a cut, do you go looking for a Band-Aid, or an “adhesive bandage?” Dealing with diaper rash? You’re probably going through the bathroom looking for Vaseline, rather than “petroleum jelly,” right? When your nose is running, I bet you’re more likely to ask for a Kleenex than a “facial tissue.” (By the way, you’re a real wreck right now and might want to make an appointment with your doctor…I’m just sayin’.”) Anyway, there are a whole lot of brands names that seem almost more common than the actual item they represent. Heck, I hear that in the [Read more…]

How're We Doing? Please Take Our Survey

Hi friends of the Freelance Writing Jobs blog network. In order to make FWJ a more pleasant, user friendly and informative experience, we need to periodically gauge our readers’ opinions. I hope you don’t mind taking a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule and taking our brief survey. It’s all anonymous, we’re not collecting names. By filling it out it will let us know a little about your habits and your thoughts about this network. Click Here to take survey Thanks, once again, for your continued support. Thank you so much for your time! – Deb

The Most Powerful New Tool for Online Research

As a freelance writer, I find myself being asked to research all sorts of topics for my clients. I could tell you more about how prison tattoos are inked than you would probably ever want to know, for example. Sometimes it just blows my mind that I get paid good money to do what I do. After all, with the Internet so easily at our disposal, writers barely even have to set foot in a library anymore. That’s why I really hope that my clients don’t find out about this new website I’ve been using to research their topics. If [Read more…]

My Pitch

Good day to you all and welcome to my first real post. Thank you for the messages of welcome and good luck, it was very much appreciated and immediately made me feel part of this fine community. However, to all of you that didn’t wish me well, I ask you all in turn, why do you hate me already? I am a very fragile person and prone to spilling out my insecurities and personality disorders directly onto the page. If you don’t automatically love me and my writing I am liable to write great screeds of self loathing, angst ridden [Read more…]

Freelance Friday Quote

This is one of those “it’s funny ’cause it’s true” things: “The freelance writer is the person who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps.”  -Robert Benchley Now that I think about it, maybe that’s not funny at all…

Write or Die Application

OK, so the video itself isn’t acutally funny, but it does introduce you to a pretty interesting application for writers. The idea is that it encourages you to keep writing by offering varying levels of negative consequences if you don’t. The kamikazee setting is pretty intense! If any of you decide to use the application, I definitely want to hear what you think. Unless you just have that peanut butter and jelly song stuck in your head. In that case, you are kindly asked to keep it to yourself.

An Intriguing Lead – Drug Kingpin Seeks Ghost Writer

Hello all, will introduce myself fully very soon but Deb sent me this over and I had to share it before it gets pulled by Craigslist. Happy Wednesday to you all. Ex N. Idaho Drug Kingpin Needs Writer (Financial District) Writer Wanted For Ex North Idaho Drug Kingpin: Looking for someone to write life story, unique story, unique Individual. Story consists of dealings with Colombians,Cubans, Mexican Federallies, 16 years in prison hanging out with mafia members from the Phildelphia Scarfo gang, Charlie Iannache, Anthony Pungitore, Gene Gotti-brother of John Gotti of the New York Mafia, being successful jail house lawyer. [Read more…]

*tap, tap* Is this thing on?

Oh my gosh, you guys. I had the most self-congratulatory dream where I beat out something like 500 people to get a high-profile blogging gig on—get this—Freelance Writing Jobs. Like that would ever really happ…Wait just a cotton-pickin’ second! I am writing at FWJ. I’m on Deb-freaking-Ng’s team. There’s Jodee and Tereese, and…uh-oh, James.* Nah, really. I’m pretty stoked to be here. I’m more than a little nervous, though, after all the hype around getting hired. Everyone’s been talking about how I’m so hilarious and all, and I’m just sitting here with a towel in one hand thanking the gods [Read more…]

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Want to socialize with others from the Freelance Writing Jobs community? Join the brand new Freelance Writing Jobs social network on Ning. The benefits abound: Share tips and ideas with other members of the FWJ community Post your own (non spammy) blog post Discuss issues in the forum Share images, videos, podcasts and more Receive alerts to what this blog network is up to, as well as what the other members of the FWJ community are doing Network with other like-minded people FWJ also has a Twitter presence. You can follow me @debng or to receive updates everytime there’s a [Read more…]

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