Steven Pinker on What Our Language Habits Reveal

I’ve heard it said more than once that grammar and learning the intricacies of a language can be boring. I guess it’s safe to assume that you don’t think the same way. (At least I hope I am right!) Earlier this week, I was working on another piece about TED talks. I don’t know if you’re familiar with TED, but the premise is to invite select speakers to speak to a limited audience, with the condition that the talk is focused on something inspiring related to the work the speaker has done. Since its inception in 1984, TED has grown [Read more…]

Grammar Police

I have two things to say about this: 1. It’s NSFW because of some naughty language (in addition to bad grammar, of course). 2. A lot of people on my Facebook friends list are lucky I don’t have a taser like these grammar police.

Tik Tok Writer's Block

Do you ever wonder if perhaps some people’s “writer’s block” has less to do with drawing a blank than it does with the number of Twitter updates they send in a day? Here’s a little ditty by published author Jackson Pierce where she calls herself out for that very thing. Anyone else recognize a bit too much of themselves? OK, this one isn’t actually writing related, but since I already posted a link to a Tik Tok parody, I figured I might as well throw in my very favorite one. It’s geeky-ish-ly delicious.

How Do You Celebrate?

Nota Bene: All of the words in this post are merely my attempt to make the embedded video relevant to this blog. I really just wanted to share the video. So, if you don’t care about my struggle writing about yeast infections or dealing with mental clients, just click “play” already and laugh your butt off. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only freelance writer out here that takes on the occasional less-than-stellar project. I admit, there are times that I accept a project based solely on the fact that I want the money that goes along with finishing [Read more…]

I Can't Help Myself – It's Too Funny

So, if you checked out my recent post in which there’s a video of Stephen King cracking wise with Late Night host Conan O’Brien, then you may have noticed they talked a fair amount about King’s contribution to a still-growing wave of paranoia regarding clowns. If you didn’t watch the video clip but know anything about the book/movie It, then you’ll still have enough context to understand why what I’m about to share is relevant. Anyway, that whole part of the conversation kept reminding me of a hilarious story that one of my favorite comedians (Dan Cummins) tells about the [Read more…]

Stephen King and Conan O'Brien

I recently took a Facebook test (which are rivaled in accuracy only by those found in Cosmo, btw), and it told me that my writing style is closest to that of Stephen King.  I don’t suppose I’m all that surprised, as he was the first adult author I ever read (Cujo in the fourth grade). This led to a rather awkward and very brief sex-related conversation with my mother while on a cross-country Amtrack adventure. 10-Year-Old Me: Mom, what’ this word mean? (Pointing to the slang term used.) Panicked Mother: What do you think it means? 10-Year-Old Me: Never mind. [Read more…]

Sassy Gay Friend Hits Two Literary Genres with One Peach Scarf

Way back in March, I posted a couple of videos from Second City that featured the Sassy Gay Friend.  In them he talked the women of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello out of doing whatever particularly stupid thing they were about to do in the name of love.  (A lot of suicide, now that I think about it.)  Anyway, the Sassy Gay Friend is back, and this time he’s taking on a non-human lady who needs to take a different perspective on her relationship. Check out The Sassy Gay Friend and The Giving Tree, with BONUS literary allusion to [Read more…]

I'm Not the Only One Who Enjoys a Good English Quiz, Right?

So, I’m always on the lookout for fun stuff on the Internet that will be of particular interest to writers.  I don’t know how I’ve missed this one, so far.  First of all, I had no idea you could be interactive with YouTube videos.  Secondly, I’ve seen other stuff featuring this guy but didn’t realize he had this Truth or Fail thing.  I’m tempted to take it again so I can hear the responses to the opposite answers. I only got 3 out of 5 correct. How did you do?

Shakespeare Has a Gay Old Time

I write SEO articles. I compose “about” pages. I turn resumes into executive bios. I admit that I am no Shakespeare. That said, I love me some Shakespeare. I have a BA in Theatre Arts, and my dream was to play Ophelia, preferably with the Theatre Department’s heartthrob in the role of Hamlet. Because then he’d have to notice me, right? Of course, I found out years later that at least one of those heartthrobs was what they used to call a “confirmed bachelor.” Yep, the guy playing the most macho roles known to drama was, in fact, gay. The [Read more…]

Lewis Black on Writing a Book

Anyone out there identify just a bit too much?

Awesome Low-Tech Design

As the wife of a bonafide GEEK who we regularly refer to as “gadget guy,” I’m privy to a whole lot of upcoming technology.  It was actually my hubby that introduced me to blogging, Facebook, podcasting, Wi-Fi, and a slew of other technological advancements.  Most of them before there was much of a bandwagon to jump on, although they’re now all common, everyday parts of life, aren’t they?  He bought me my Kindle, my Zune, my digital camera, my Blackberry, and all the other devices for which I now have to pack individual cords and chargers every time I leave [Read more…]

Sing It, Sister

So, what does it take to become a novelist? There are a few things you need, according to this author who felt like she should devote an entire two-minute video to the subject. Feel free to watch it. If not, I’ll sum up: You need a beginning, a middle, and an end, as well as to sit down and write the story. And here I thought it was all difficult and stuff.

Maybe Math Really Can Be Fun

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I absolutely love being a freelancer. It affords me a flexible schedule, and I relish not having a boss breathing down my neck. Still, I love to see when people with “legit” jobs get creative and obviously enjoy themselves. Today’s clip is of a really fun presentation a math teacher did for his students. I can’t decide if it’s cool-cool or nerd-cool…

We Didn't Start the Fire

Remember that awesome Billy Joel song and how it summed up, like, a ton of history in just a couple of minutes, while simultaneously taking absolutely no responsibility for anything that has happened?  That was cool, and it had a beat you could dance to, Dick. Today I came across this video that sums up the last decade in seven minutes flat.  I like the way the narrator manages to get in a few zingers, even while talking a mile a minute. ETA: Oops, I guess it’s seven minutes and three seconds. Now how will we find the time to [Read more…]

An Afternoon Chuckle

Usually I can make these videos and other posts somehow relate to the writing life, but I’d really have to stretch pretty thin to make that work today.  Still, I thought this was pretty darn funny, even if it does have a laugh track.

We All Want It That Way

Yesterday I talked a bit about why it’s so great not to have an office job.  Then I saw this video, and I’m thinking it wouldn’t be all bad.  This totally made me smile, even if I do have this song stuck in my head now.

This Will Literally Make You Laugh Out Loud

As writers, we have to be really careful about the message we send with the words we choose.  That’s not to say we don’t appreciate a good metaphor from time to time, but if we’re not pretty clear about what we’re trying to say, then we’re probably also not going to get paid. Visual artists, on the other hand, seem to have a little more wiggle room when it comes to interpretation.  I’ve recently been seeing quite a few of these “Literal Translations” of music videos, and some of them are really good.  Today I’m introducing you to one that [Read more…]

What Would You Do If You Became a Famous Writer

Yesterday I shared a little video about the “Imaginary Publishing Process,” as well as an anecdote about how it was so relevant to my life because…um…I know someone going through the process.  Well, here’s another one by the same folks that is probably even less likely to pertain to me, but is still really funny. I particularly like #4. If I did become a famous author, though, I think my first order of business would be to attach that title directly to my name.  You know, like how once someone has won an Oscar, they are forever known as Academy [Read more…]

Getting Published is Soooo Easy

I’m currently cheerleading from the sidelines as my business partner goes about trying to get her first novel published. Shoot. I’d better call her and make sure it’s ok for me to out her as a romance junkie… Thumbs up from the soon-to-be-famous Tamara Morgan. Where was I? Oh, yes. Tamara took some time out last November to pen her first romance novel during NaNoWriMo. I was quite impressed by her stick-to-it-ive-ness as she wrote in fits and bursts, as well as the occasional overly-wrought dry spell. I was supportive and encouraging and didn’t even laugh at her when she [Read more…]

Google Stuff with Bing

When you have a cut, do you go looking for a Band-Aid, or an “adhesive bandage?” Dealing with diaper rash? You’re probably going through the bathroom looking for Vaseline, rather than “petroleum jelly,” right? When your nose is running, I bet you’re more likely to ask for a Kleenex than a “facial tissue.” (By the way, you’re a real wreck right now and might want to make an appointment with your doctor…I’m just sayin’.”) Anyway, there are a whole lot of brands names that seem almost more common than the actual item they represent. Heck, I hear that in the [Read more…]

Write or Die Application

OK, so the video itself isn’t acutally funny, but it does introduce you to a pretty interesting application for writers. The idea is that it encourages you to keep writing by offering varying levels of negative consequences if you don’t. The kamikazee setting is pretty intense! If any of you decide to use the application, I definitely want to hear what you think. Unless you just have that peanut butter and jelly song stuck in your head. In that case, you are kindly asked to keep it to yourself.

What Will I Do in My Outhouse After My Newspaper's Gone?

Ever wonder about life without newspapers?

The Freelance National Anthem

Please rise for the Freelance National Anthem:

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