Best Downloadable Project Management Software for Writers

If you are looking for downloadable project management software for writers, where do you start? The best place is to consider exactly what you need and what you expect it to do for you to make your freelance writing business run better and more efficiently. Only then will you be able to evaluate the choices that are available on the market and find an option that will work best for you.

Downloadable Infographic Resume Templates for Writers

If you have decided that an infographic resume is the right style for you, then you’ll need to decide on a style that can present your skills and experience in a way that will make you an attractive candidate to potential clients. Unlike a standard resume, you only have a single page in which to tell your story, so space is definitely at a premium here. How do you find the right template for your resume?

Free Downloadable Software for Writers

Are you wondering where you can find free downloadable software for writers? We’ve done some virtual digging to find you some options that won’t cost you a single penny. Check them out here: Free Downloadable Software for Writers to Try Now What types of downloadable software for writers are available? You can find word processing programs and ones to help you organize notes and information. If you are working on a book project, you’ll find several options that can assist you with this type of work. Apache Open Office Apache Open Office is chock full of features and can be [Read more…]

15 Places to Find Stock Images for Blog Posts and Websites
Female Blogger

If you are blogging regularly or have your own website, you will need a source of quality stock images. When you go online to get images to use for your site, be sure to confirm that they are in the public domain or licensed for commercial use. In some instances, the photographer will want to be credited for his or her work on your post or site. This is a small price to pay for using the work. We’ve focused on resources available at no charge, but you can also find several websites that offer stock photos for a fee. [Read more…]

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