How a Freelancer Can Take Time Off (Without Losing Clients)
Gone Fishing

  Were you drawn to life as a freelancer so that you could be independent and leave the 9 to 5 grind behind? Did you think you would have a flexible schedule that would let you take time off whenever you wanted? What no one probably explained was that as an independent contractor, you would probably end up working more hours than someone who works for an employer, especially when you include administrative and marketing tasks into the mix. The idea that a freelancer can take time off is one that can become increasingly foreign and more than a bit [Read more…]

Enter a Writing Contest: a Way to Share your Work and Make Some Money

One way to share your work and get it noticed is to enter a writing contest. You may think that the odds of winning are about the same as winning the lottery, but keep in mind that many people may read and ad for a contest and decide the same thing. That fact will eliminate a certain amount of the potential competition.

Getting Your Kids on Board: Strategies to Get Your Kids to Cooperate During Your Work Hours

Work-life balance is never easy, but for parents who work at home, the juggling act can be near impossible. After all, with the never-ending housework and kids vying for your attention, squeezeing in a few hours of undivided time for your work is quite a feat.

How to Deal with Difficult Freelance Writing Clients

In a perfect world, all of our freelance writing clients would be wonderful to deal with. They would be easy going, clear in their instructions, and communicate regularly.

Creative Writing Contests and Competitions 2014
Blue Ribbon

For a change of pace from looking for freelance writing gigs working for clients, why don’t you check out these upcoming writing contests and competitions?

Have you Hit the Wall of Freelance Writer Burnout? How to Deal with It

Freelance writer burnout is an occupational hazard for people who make their living with words. This condition is more than just feeling tired…

Grants and Fellowships for Writers: Get Financial Help for Your Writing

Have you ever thought you could do more with your writing if you only you had some more financial help available? Grants and fellowships for writers…

Best Software and Apps to Keep Freelancers Organized
Project Initialization

With all different tasks that freelance writers have to perform to keep their business running smoothly, it can be challenging to keep all the balls up in the air.

Online Plagiarism Checkers for Freelance Writers
Computer User

For freelance writers, turning in work that has content that is too similar to work that appears on other websites is simply not acceptable.

Content Freelance Writing Gigs
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