Can You Use “Though” to Begin a Sentence?
though although

Though these are common words, questions crop up now and then about though, although, in spite of, and despite. One thing is for certain: these words are similar in meaning. The difference lies in the fact that they are different parts of speech. Let’s take a look at though and although first. They are conjunctions and can be used interchangeably as such. The government says the economy is improving, although people do not seem to feel it. Replacing although with though does not change the meaning. The government says the economy is improving, though people do not seem to feel [Read more…]

Mistakes that Make You Look Stupid

We all have our bad moments. There are times when, even if I go over my work twice or thrice, typos still go unnoticed. You know what I am talking about, don’t you? However, there are mistakes that are just so common that you think people know better than to commit them. Committing these mistakes, in my eyes, can chip away at your credibility. (That’s a nice way of saying that making certain mistakes can make you look dumb.) What are these mistakes? Your /You’re “Your” is a possessive pronoun: You should proofread your blog posts in order to avoid [Read more…]

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