Greeting Card Writing Tips

greeting card writing tips

I’d like to think that freelance writers are some of the most versatile creatives out there. Most of us can write about a variety of topics, use different styles, and reach out to various audiences. Source One interesting market for freelance writers, which challenges one’s creativity more than usual is the greeting card market. If […]

Creating Your Own Freelance Writing Gigs

I believe that one reason writers aren’t in higher demand is our collective shortcoming in marketing our gifts and their value. We have a tendency to wait until people see a need for us when we should be telling them why we’re so damned valuable. When you’re rainmaking, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

The Secret Life of a Freelance Writer

I have a secret day/night life, too.  Mine doesn’t rival the Angel story and it isn’t as fun as Giddens’ tale.

Sometimes, in the evening, I write things that pay next to nothing.  And I do it just for fun.

Will Video Kill the Keyboard Star?

I’m curious. What are you doing on this front?

Are you playing with video? Are you updating your blog with little clips of you chit-chatting directly to your audience? Are you peppering your site with video?

Are you providing video services to your clients or do you regularly collaborate on video projects?

50 Submission Guidelines Pages

The job boards aren’t the only places to find freelance writing jobs. Sometimes it’s as easy as looking for submission guidelines or “write for us” pages. Granted, these aren’t client-based projects and regular jobs, but they’re good opportunities nonetheless. What I like about pitching the online and offline magazine markets is that they tend to […]

Freelance Writing Jobs Presents 11 Cooking, Food & Drink Markets

food markets

We’re sharing cooking and food markets for you at Freelance Writing Jobs today. I researched each market to the best of my ability and as of February 2010, these are accurate and current. If I found a link to current guidelines, I included them. Otherwise, I listed contact information so you could request current submission […]

Freelance Writing Jobs Presents: 19 Parenting Markets


Today we’re offering up some parenting markets. We’ve been listing magazine markets and other writing guidelines this week and many valid questions are being raised. For example, how do I know these markets accept freelancers, and also, how do I know the pay rate is what they say it is? It’s simple, I did some […]

19 Grants for Writers and Other Creative Types

Many freelance writers are only working for clients to bring in money while they work on books, screenplays and other writing projects. This is all fine and dandy however, it tends to take away from the personal project as we tend to put all our focus on paying the bills and funding our dreams. There […]

21 Poetry Markets

poetry markets

Members of the FWJ community remind me we’ve been spending so much time talking about writing for the web and private clients we’re neglecting other types of freelance writing jobs.  We”ll be exploring some of the less talked about markets in the next week or two. Hopefully you caught yesterday’s post featuring 16 Greeting Card […]

15 Greeting Card Markets

greeting card

With all our talk about writing for the web or writing for the magazines, we miss out on what can be some very lucrative markets. Today I thought we’d explore a market we haven’t much discussed here at Freelance Writing Jobs, the greeting card market. As you can imagine, greeting card people aren’t looking for […]