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For the SEO Writers: How to Successfully Optimize Your EBook for the Web

For the SEO Writers: How to Successfully Optimize Your EBook for the Web

Creating an EBook is becoming more and more popular amongst small businesses—and for good reason. According to researchers, EBook sales grew 177 percent last year. This number is only expected to rise and our technology continues to improve, and even some of the old hardcopy book-lovers are realizing that’s it incredibly easy to have an electronic library where you can store and even checkout new reads from a library.

Before You Write: Three Keys To Attracting Massive, Longterm Traffic

If you want to get thousands of new readers for every article you’ll write in the future, you’re in the right place. Web publishing has become progressively competitive over the last 4-5 years. There’s more people online now then ever before, yes, but there’s also far more content available online than before. In fact, content growth has easily outstripped the growth of internet users, meaning that as time passes by what you’re writing has a tougher chance of being read by the maximum number of people possible than it would have had, say, an year ago. So what can we [Read more…]

Traffic Secrets For Writers

Hello everyone. My name is Ahmed Bilal, and I’ll be here every week showing you how to get more traffic for your content (be it your own website or content you’re writing for a client). As a writer, putting words on a paper or a text document is easy. You have an idea, you have a mission, you have a story to tell, and you say it. In words. Simple, right? But getting people to read that story is a different beast altogether. It’s made more difficult by the self-centered, uber-idealistic mindset of beginner writers that writing is about them, [Read more…]

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