Freelance Writing Jobs for Friday, March 6, 2009

I have some more food for though for you to discuss. Yesterday, one of the regulars brought an ad to our attention. It was from one of the major blog networks looking for submissions from writers and bloggers, but they’re unpaid. A couple of us discussed this on Twitter. You know how I feel about promising writers glory in exchanged for free writing, so I won’t get into that. However the manager and editor at this network both told me it was a good thing. To give the people who want to write for that network a chance. I’m not [Read more…]

Earning Money as a Blogger: Are You Too Nichey for Your Network?

So, as mentioned earlier, we’re going to start discussing the ways one can really earn a living as a blogger. To do this, we’ll also have to discuss why some folks aren’t earning money as a blogger. For instance, by being too nichey.Don’t get me wrong, many “niche” blogs do well. However, it’s been my experience that niche blogs get lost in blog networks. Pick a network, any network. Now…from that network pick out the real “standout” blogs. Tell me, how well is that sewing blog doing? And the blog about recycling? Even the most popular blog in the network, [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday March 5, 2009

Happy birthday, Mom! I mentioned this a few days back, but I’m noticing a definite trend in better paying freelance writing jobs. For instance, with blogging jobs. There was a depressing tendency towards really, really low paying blogs. $1 a post or only half-assed rev shares. What I like now is that I’m seeing bigger payouts. $20 to $30 per blog post even. This is a major step from away from the cheap blog content of the past couple of years. Here are some leads for you! Contract Medical Writer – 3 days onsite – Springfield NJ Tech Writer – [Read more…]

Freelance Writer for Kraze Magazine

Kraze magazine is looking for freelance contributors to submit articles. The new quarterly publication targets women of color, primarily African American/ Multicultural women between the ages of 18-40 years old. We are looking for a variety of different types of articles. We pay 18 cents per word for articles. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with “Writers’ Guidelines Request” as the subject of the e-mail to receive a copy of our writers’ guidelines.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good morning and welcome to another day filled with freelance writing job leads and opportunities. You may notice a new design, I hope you like it. The FWJ home page is rocking! It’s a beautiful new magazine style portal designed to send traffic to all the FWJ blogs. Thanks so much to James and Harry and the entire Men with Pens team for pulling it off. You wouldn’t believe what they went through to get us here! I hope you’ll visit all of the blogs in the FWJ network, at least from time to time, and participate in the discussions! [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Tuesday, March 3, 2009

As you are no doubt well aware, we made some changes. In addition to making a prettier blog, I wanted the Freelance Writing Jobs home page to provide better navigation to this and the other six blogs in this network. This should be the last format change for a very long time. The Men with Pens outdid themselves this time, didn’t they?  I’d like to thank them for all their hard work and patience throughout the evolution of FWJ. If you have a blog  design/redesign or other project, do give them a ping. They’re top notch and they rock the [Read more…]

Educational Math Writers Needed

Educational publishing vendor needs experienced educational writer(s) for higher math workbook. The course is Algebra II. You must have experience in writing instruction and creating quality multiple-choice items for higher math. * Tasks:* Writing and heavy to moderate editing of 2-page lessons. * Project Description:* First page is about ½ half instruction, while the rest of the page is 1 to 2 multiple-choice questions. The second page is all multiple-choice questions. For the entire lesson, there are no more than 10 multiple-choice questions. The client has provided materials for pick up/editing. There are about 20 pages total of new writing [Read more…]

National Security Publication Seeks Freelance Writers

Washington, D.C.-based Homeland Defense Journal is seeking quality freelance reporters and writers for homeland security/defense articles, including high level op-eds, news analysis, investigative reporting and policy advocacy pieces.  Experienced writers and journalists only.  Rates vary.  Please send resume and samples to Morgan Stempf, [email protected]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Monday March 2, 2009

by Deborah Ng As I watch the snow fall outside my office window, I’m thinking how happy I am I don’t have to commute anymore. My son is home today though, so it won’t be easy. This is something I try to convey to the people who want to leave their day jobs to work at home and be with their kids. It’s not easy to work at home, especially with kids. No matter how well you plan it out, they’ll always require your attention. Like my 6 year old – who has to give me the play by play [Read more…]

Earning a Livable Wage as a Blogger

One thing I’m asked about all the time is if one can really make a living as a blogger. My answer: It depends. I’ve been writing and blogging online since 1999 so I’m sort of qualified to share a bit about what I know of the online content writing world. Whether it’s blogging, or writing – or in some cases where the lines are all blurred – whether or not you make a living as a blogger all depends on who, what, and where you work. For instance, if you work for a network the chances are pretty good you [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here’s some interesting food for thought: My first paid blogging gig wasn’t for a blog network. It was for a major cable women’s network and I was paid $500 for 200 words a week. That’s $500 for 800 words a month. Nowadays, of course, most blog networks are struggling. I’ll be doing a series at Network Blogging Tips on whether or not one can really earn a living as a blogger for hire, but in the mean time I’m always interested in your thoughts and experiences. Do you blog for a living? If so is it for a network or [Read more…]

New Guidebook Publisher Seeks Music Writers

New guide book publisher seeks music writers specializing in Celtic Punk (in the UK), Indi Pop (in India), and Cumbia (in Latin America). We are looking for writers preferably based in a city that has a significant music scene for these genres. Also excepting other pitches as well. Articles will be paid. Please email for more details. [email protected]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 25, 2009

by Deb Ng Are you using Twitter to make connections and network with other writers – and the people who hire writers? If not, I recommend you take it into consideration. Twitter is a powerful and useful networking tool, plus it helps to break up the lonliness many of us experience when we work at home all day.  Feel free to follow me on Twitter @debng – and post your Twitter names below so the FWJ community can follow each other! Here are some leads for today: Research Interviewer for Major Financial Services Firm – NYC Seeks Sports Journalists [Read more…]

Call for Submissions – LoftLife Magazine

LoftLife magazine, a quarterly shelter and lifestyle publication, seeks experienced writers to submit stories for our back page—“My Downtown.” We want to hear about a memory or a reflection on a space, moment, place, monument, or institution that reminds you why you still call your metropolitan city “home.” Please submit an article with a strong voice, savvy grammar skills, and a plethora of descriptive and sensory details. We would appreciate an essay that is kept to a maximum of 450 words. Chosen pieces will receive $250 and publication in our print magazine. Check out the look and feel of our [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 24, 2009

by Deb Ng So I’ve been checking out leads online for about ten years now.  Every now and then I think about what has changed and what has stayed the same. There are definitely more ads that don’t pay. When I first started freelancing it was mostly literary journals or poetry sites that weren’t paying.  There wasn’t a lot of folks expecting you to stock their sites and blogs for the glory.  The offers were a lot more realistic a decade ago as well. Though I saw many calls for content, there weren’t any of the “I need 40 articles [Read more…]

Freelance Restaurant Industry Writer Wanted

Letters and Arts is looking for writers who have experience in the restaurant industry to write for our rapidly growing two-year-old website, Our restaurant management guide, The Food Chain (, will be growing by leaps and bounds in the next couple of months. We’re looking for articles that can cover topics that a restaurant owner or manager would be interested in – from setting restaurant prices to maximizing profits to motivating staff from servers to prep cooks. Knowledge of food trends and the challenges faced by restaurants in this down economy required.

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 23, 2009

by Deb Ng Have a favorite blogger? Want to help her (or him) during these troubled financial times? is hosting a blogger appreciation contest, and the winner will receive up to $1,000 to pay the cell phone bill. Second place is a brand new cell phone and the third place winner will receive a $100 gift certificate from So if you have a (ahem) favorite blogger, show your loyalty and appreciation by voting in this contest. Have some leads… Hiring Quality Writers – Probably a content mill so make sure the end justifies the means. Copy Editor for [Read more…]

Freelance Writers to Conduct Interviews

Looking for freelance writers to conduct interviews with individuals living in the following states: Florida * Truck Driver * Dental Assistant * Someone in the Film Industry (i.e. camera operator, music producer, cinematographer, audo technician, motion graphics designer, effects artist, sound designer or non-linear editor)

Advertorial Tourism Magazine Seeking Experienced Writers

Seeking experienced writers ONLY for 800-1000 word articles on everything from home and garden to tourism events in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. 1000 words pays $150, 800 words $125, FIRM. Each article needs from one to three interviews. Sources and article angles are provided. If you are quick and know the area this is an excellent opportunity to earn your rate in volume. Qualified applicants please send 3 clips/links and your resume (in the body of an email) to [email protected] No attachments accepted.

Blue Mountain Press Seeking Book Submissions

Blue Mountain Press, the new book division of Blue Mountain Arts, is accepting manuscripts in the following categories: gift books, personal growth, teens/tweens, family, relationships, motivational, and inspirational. Mail manuscripts to: Blue Mountain Press, P.O. Box 4219, Boulder, CO 80306. Request writer’s guidelines or e-mail queries to [email protected] Please note: We are not accepting works of fiction, rhyming poetry, children’s books, or memoirs.

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 18, 2009

by Deborah Ng Good morning. We’re still working out a few kinks and all our blogs should be up and running shortly. Hey, did you catch the post of the Freelance Writing Jobs home page called What All Those Freelance Writing Job Ads Really Mean? Check it out and join the conversation! Hope it’s a productive day for you all. Leads… Steady Freelance Opportunity Seeking Professional Writer Freelance Writers – San Francisco Global Investing Editor for Game Studio Needs Writers for Fantasy Game Script Freelance SEO Writer – $200 – $300 Freelance Writers for Women’s Magazine Mathematics Editors, Proofreaders, [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 18, 2009

by Deborah Ng Good morning. We’re still working out a few kinks and all our blogs should be up and running shortly. Hey, did you catch the post of the Freelance Writing Jobs home page called What All Those Freelance Writing Job Ads Really Mean? Check it out and join the conversation! Hope it’s a productive day for you all. Leads… Steady Freelance Opportunity Seeking Professional Writer Freelance Writers – San Francisco Global Investing Editor for Game Studio Needs Writers for Fantasy Game Script Freelance SEO Writer – $200 – $300 Freelance Writers for Women’s Magazine Mathematics Editors, Proofreaders, [Read more…]

Freelance Writing Jobs for February 17, 2009

by Deb Ng Here we are, back where we belong. I’d like to thank the Men with Pens team once again for helping us get things back to (or close) to normal – and for doing so without making me feel like a complete fool. And in case you haven’t been visiting the Freelance Writing Jobs home page, or the other blogs in this network, do stop by and become part of the discussion. The links are on the top menu navigation. Here’s some leads- kinda slim again, I’m thinking because of yesterday’s holiday: Online Writers/Bloggers/Editors Press Release Writer Business/Trailing [Read more…]

Cutting Edge Blog (No Tech. No Gossip. No Politics.) Looking for New Writers.

At we believe that stories have an enchanting power to change people and the world. If you’re the writer we’re looking for: * You can tell stories with a purpose, stories that inspire change, stories that downgrade information and upgrade wisdom. * You’re mesmerised by reading and are inspired to write similar posts in your own unique style. * You have a passion for collecting stories and quotes, and sharing these with the world.

Call for Submissions at eHow Fiction

Now accepting submissions for an experimental e-zine composed of short fiction pieces formatted as eHow articles. Other than featuring the elements of a solid fiction piece (character, plot, conflict, resolution) these will be indistinguishable from a normal eHow article. These pieces will be published to and consolidated and bylined at the zine’s Web site.

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