Greeting Card Writing Tips

greeting card writing tips

I’d like to think that freelance writers are some of the most versatile creatives out there. Most of us can write about a variety of topics, use different styles, and reach out to various audiences. Source One interesting market for freelance writers, which challenges one’s creativity more than usual is the greeting card market. If […]

Is Ghostwriting Bad for Your Freelance Writing Career?


Freelancers have passionate feelings both for and against ghostwriting. Some say that ghostwriting is dishonest, and they suggest it will sink your career. Others take great pride in their ghostwriting work and in the relationships they build with high-quality clients. Ghostwriting can be a good source of income, especially in your early freelancing days. Whether […]

Don’t Know Where to Begin as a Freelance Writer? Start With Your College Major


If you’re like many beginning freelance writers, no matter what your age, you feel conflicted when you ask yourself, “What should I write about?” The answer seems like it should be simple, but it gets tangled up in many different issues. If you spent a lot of time in a creativity-deadening career before transitioning to […]

Easy Ways to Increase Writing Productivity

writing productivity

When your income is determined by the amount of content you create, the pressure to be productive as a freelance writer can be debilitating. Don’t allow diminished output to be the white whale of your writing career. Increase your writing productivity with these six easy suggestions: Create a Flexible Schedule Freelance writers need a daily […]

3 Essential Tips to Stand Out as a Writer

standout as a writer

Editor’s Note: This was written by the Ebyline staff, a site that connects publishers with the right freelancers for their work. Check them out on twitter: @Ebyline and on Google+. You’re a good writer, and you know it.  If given a keyboard and Internet connection, you could craft ingenious articles in no time, but the only problem […]

3 Effective Tips for Crowdfunding Copywriters


Image credit Crowdfunding is a popular activity these days, thanks to the success of platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The premise is simple and taps into one of the essential characteristics of human beings: helping out others in small ways and also receiving some sort of benefit, emotional or tangible. On the practical side, […]

Arranging Stock Photos within Freelance Articles


Why should any number of freelancers be concerned about photos in their posts? There are a number of reasons and they mostly pertain towards marketing ventures. To get more eyeballs viewing your posts it will take some time and a lot of practice. But if you have the ability to craft unique headlines with related […]