Stealing an Article Idea vs. Being Inspired By One

I’ve written before about other writers and publications being great sources of inspiration for articles. The bloggers here on FWJ often inspire me to my next post and I appreciate them for it. There is a difference, however, between being inspired by a piece and copying it. I know, I know, you can’t believe there […]

Freelance Writing Clients are Cool and All…But Don’t Forget About Your Own Stuff

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Something I struggle with is whether or not I should put most of my eggs in my clients’ baskets or if I should invest my time in me. With clients the pay is sometimes better and more immediate, but I’m not necessarily writing my passion. However, when I create my own projects, I have the […]

Demand Studios Launches “Write for a Cause”

Write for a cause

Today, freelancers from Demand Studios are going to receive information regarding the “Write for a Cause” campaign. Thanks to a partnership with First Book, one book will be donated to needy kids for every eight articles written.  The goal is to donate 20,000 books on behalf of their community during the month of December. Here […]

A Few More Words About this Whole Demand Studios Insurance Thing

I was up for some time last night thinking about the reaction to the announcment that Demand Studios was offering affordable health care coverage to their freelance writers. To be honest, I’m perplexed by the reaction. I’ll always expect more than a few people to direct negativity in Demand Studios’ direction, but I didn’t expect […]

Demand Studios Announces Health Care Options for its Freelancers

Demand Studios made the announcement today that they are offering health insurance options to their freelancers. Though we touched upon this one month ago, the freelance writing community has been waiting with baited breath to learn the details.  Some even wondered if it’s too good to be true.  As this is unprecedented, I can understand […]

10 Ways to Tell if You’re Really Cut Out for Full Time Freelance Writing

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So you think your ready to take the plunge from part time to full time freelance writing. Congratulations. Leaving the day job to work full time as a freelance writer is a big, no,  a HUGE step. Before making any decision that will affect your livelihood, be sure you’re prepared for such a dramatic change […]

10 Tips for Telling if an Article Contains Reliable Information

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Bad content floods the web. It’s so bad that schools are giving out guidelines for sites to avoid when collecting information for reports. Many writers also use the web to research information, but how can we know if it’s someone else’s unreliable content rewritten ten times, or if it’s a realistic investigation or expose? Perhaps […]

What Are You Reading?

We’ve all heard the advice that if you want to be a good writer, you should also be an avid reader.  I have to admit that I’ve been resting on my laurels for quite some time now.  Since I received my Kindle, however, I’ve poked my head out of my shell and dived into the […]

When an Error Goes to Press

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by Dawn Allcot Famed freelance writer Debbie Ridpath Ohi (aka @InkyElbows on Twitter) recently tweeted: Only lazy writers assume “an editor/agent will fix it.” ALWAYS aim for your best work. I agreed, posting that it’s not an editor’s job to clean up messy copy — a point I wrote about at my first post here […]