The Writer Emergency Pack Will Bail You Out When You Get Stuck
Writer Emergency Pack

Just like zombiecalypse (or apocalypse) believers have a survival pack ready and accessible for when the end of the world comes, a writer ought to have an emergency pack he can rely on when things go haywire. We can go the simplistic route and call it writer’s block (although the block is not that simple when it comes to the point). Sometimes, though, it’s not that bad a block. Perhaps you just need a little jumpstart. That’s where the Writer Emergency Pack can help you. The Writer Emergency Pack started out as a Kickstarter project by John August, who is [Read more…]

20 Quick Creative Writing Prompts

Creative writing isn’t always easy. Even the most creative writer sometimes finds himself/herself stuck on a chapter, a scene, or a paragraph. When that happens, you can always force yourself to go on, or you can take a break. You can also turn to other things that may help bring more out of you – creative writing prompts. Here are 20 quick creative writing prompts that are fun and “easy”. When you need a break from whatever it is that’s giving you problems, check these out. 1. Write about something ugly–war, fear, hate, or cruelty–but find the beauty (silver lining) [Read more…]

Why Your Freelance Writing Pitches Fail

In journalism, writers learn that all news stories should answer the 5 Ws and 1 H: who, when, where, what, why, and how.  Did you know you can apply the same questions to your freelance writing pitches to identify the primary reasons why those pitches fail? It’s true!  By simply asking yourself the six primary questions every first year journalism student learns, you can fix fundamental problems in your query style and pitch success rate. Why do your query letters fail to generate interest in your pitches?  Check out the six basic reasons based on the 5 Ws and 1 [Read more…]

100 Most Commonly Misspelled Words

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have already seen the great list of the 100 most commonly misspelled words that I tweeted yesterday. put together the list and it’s filled with words that most people have trouble spelling. I scrolled through the list and found several that often cause me to pause as my fingers fly across the keyboard.  Accommodate and embarrass are two such words that always make me second guess myself. The best part about the list on is that most of the words include a helpful little clue so you can remember [Read more…]

5 Literary Agent Blogs Aspiring Writers Should Read

There are a number of interesting and useful blogs written by literary agents that can help aspiring writers learn the process of querying agents, writing and formatting manuscripts, publishing, and more.  However, there are five blogs written by agents that are absolute must-reads for any writer that has goals to publish a book through a well-known publisher one day. A few of these blogs helped me immensely as I taught myself how to get a literary agent and publisher for my first book. If you want to get published, start reading the following literary agent blogs today: 1.  Nathan Bransford [Read more…]

Where I Hunt for Freelance Writing Job Leads – and You Should Too!

My list of places to find freelance writing jobs for our daily job lists changes on a regular basis. As I learn of new resources or remove resources that aren’t working for us anymore, I make adjustments to my list. I also like to make these lists available to you from time to time so you can do your own thorough searches for freelance writing jobs. Plus, I think it’s fair to link to those people who make gigs available to us all. Some of these places require a subscription fee, but many are free. I hope you find this [Read more…]

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