Scheduling Time for Your Articles

How long does it take to write an article? Honestly, a good one takes as long as it needs to take. So how do schedule time for your articles? It’s not enough to plug a due date into your editorial calendar, you need to carefully map out enough time to complete all the elements required. […]

Pull your next article ideas from today's inauguration

By Terreece M. Clarke The world’s eyes are on the United States today as we swear in our first African-American President. As I watched history and prayed morning sickness wouldn’t strike in the middle of it, I found myself thinking several things. One of which was: “That would make a good article.” What can I […]

Got an Angle, Give an Angle – Need an Angle, Take an Angle


By Terreece M. Clarke Ever have an article topic that has been written about so many times you can’t see any new way to cover it? I have. This is especially true for evergreen topics. While evergreen topics are promoted because of the their timelessness and consistent audience, they can become a writer’s block trap […]

Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good morning FWJ Friends! I’ve got leads for sports writers, fashion writers, bloggers and content writers for you this morning. Jobs for technical writers and copywriters and a couple of internships also made today’s list. The female online talk show host opportunity looks interesting, too! I hope that you find something that calls out to […]