Shocking Tales of Unexpected Success

Tell your story.

Oh, and just to encourage participation, I’ll tack on a prize. The best story wins a free copy of The Concert for Bangladesh on DVD. You get Harrison, Clapton, Preston, Dylan and even Ringo in their full bearded 1971 glory!

Monetizing Blogs: Know Your Readers

If there’s one thing I learned in four years of FWJ, it’s that if you don’t know a thing about your community’s habits, you won’t be able to monetize your blogs. For instance, most of the freelance writing community are “clickers” not “buyers”. Putting up affiliate ads for products and services doesn’t work. However, many […]

An Adsense Cautionary Tale

Many people ask me why I still use Adsense at FWJ. I tell them it’s because, for some reason, this blog network is hard to monetize. I get the best results from Adsense, plain and simple. It makes up for about 74% of the revenue earned here. We’ve tried other forms of advertising but this […]