Use Your iPhone To Get Organized!

The biggest challenge of any freelancer is to get organized: (1) there’s no boss for you to control your time; (2) there can be a lot of clients and you should learn to distribute your time among them and (3) there are plenty of distractors online. Therefore knowing your organization tools is so essential! I love my iPhone. Not to sound like an Apple fanatic (I’m not, I promise), but I love everything about it. The speed, the design, the features, and especially the apps. The wide range of applications that are available in the iTunes store have changed my [Read more…]

Mobile Apps to Help You Land a Job


Data plans can be expensive, especially when you’re out of a job; but with the right tools, you can turn your smartphone from a liability to an asset in your job search. Here are a few of the best networking, job-search, and organizational apps for Android and iPhone. 1. LunchMeet (iOS) This app is a brilliant extension of LinkedIn’s networking service, allowing you to set up lunch appointments with professionals in your area and industry. Sign in to LunchMeet using your LinkedIn profile, and tell the app when your schedule is free. LunchMeet will then find local professionals who are [Read more…]

Newest Free Mac Apps for Better Productivity

We all have trouble focusing from time to time. With the massive time waster that is the Internet tempting us with endless pages of Lolcats, YouTube videos, social-networking sites and Netflix, it is practically turning us all into creatures with the attention span of a goldfish. When was the last time you actually got through a task without checking Facebook? Or sending a text? I bet you can’t even remember. It is no surprise that an avalanche of free applications has been released by developers for the Mac that helps to combat the lack of productivity that sometimes occurs in our everyday [Read more…]

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