Article Quickie: Freelance Writing Jargon

Deadline These are those all important dates that you never miss. It’s when an article is due, when the editor wants it in and when excuses will be tough to take. Dek A quickie summary of what an article is about, it usually is placed in the table of contents or under the article headline. Editorial Calendar The theme and publishing calendar for a publication. Most print publications have calendars set far in advance, some as far as six months which is important to remember when sending queries. Writers also use an editorial calendar to schedule their work and organized [Read more…]

Kill Fees – Not a Halloween Tale


By Terreece M. Clarke For many writers it’s a bloody stab to the heart – the kill fee (cue scary movie scream). Writers are given a kill fee when a publication decides for whatever reason – change of direction, unusable article, etc. – not to use an article and instead of paying the writer the total agreed upon fee, they pay a smaller fee for the now “dead” article. The fee is usually a percentage of the total owed. Kill fees are a much debated topic among freelance writers. I did a brief interview with two knowledgeable and well-respected writers [Read more…]

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