Writing Tools of Famous Authors – Can You Relate?

writing tools

You’re a writer, and you probably have your arsenal of tools which you can’t live without. One thing is for sure: we all have our preferences when it comes to go-to writing tools. Our favorite authors are not exempt from this, and I found an infographic showcasing the writing tools of famous authors. It’s an interesting graphic simply because it shows just quirky writers can be and how it doesn’t matter how “weird” a habit may be. If you write well, who cares if you’ve got some habits that are not considered normal? The infographic features the following authors: George [Read more…]

Writers are Weird: Writer's Routines (Part One)

Sorry, but it’s the truth. Most are weird good, the type of weird that brings a smile to your face and an expedience to your typing. The kind of weird that your loved ones smirk at but sometimes don’t get, but they’re cool with it. But your pets are sometimes confused as hell when you’re wearing a wig and a baseball cap and dressed in a t-shirt and shorts with slippers in the shape of Scooby Doo. However some are weird WEIRD. I have tried to make a full and frank account of some of them here. Feel free to [Read more…]

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